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I would guess this is a Diesel Jeans ;)
Thanaz 8ww Thanaz 73v Thanaz 73j Thanaz 8fc Thanaz 8c3 Thanaz 8ie Thanaz 8ar   Tepphar 8yo Tepphar 8na   Thavar 8w7   Poiak 8sv Larkee 71j Paddom 8bi   Diesel Pavelt  
I would get the first one ;)
NOOOO! I would not pay 5€ for them! They look ridiculous and 650€? :D
I would not buy anything from them! I guess the photos are stolen from other websites.
You bought Safado 882b in 28 and Krooley 880w in 27 and you hope that Shioner will fit you with 30?????  
I love them :D
I'll buy them in grey :)
Go for the Widol I will buy them aswell!
For sale is a Thanaz 8ww in size 29x32  As you can see in the pictures it is in good condition. ***MOD EDIT****DO NOT REQUEST PEOPLE GIFT YOU MONEY OR JUST SEND IT TO YOUR PAYPAL--TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED THIS WAY*****--Thanks- Jeanetic   I need them gone in the next 6 hours! Payments done after 6 hours may not be accepted.      
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