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I have 888p, 73t and 811w (thanks again Baltimore!) and here is a picture side by side. They are quiet similar to 888p but not to 73t in my opinion.  
I'm not sure if they are fake or not so maybe others could tell their opinion. Like Phukette said they are few Diesel Black Gold which are made in USA and also in Japan but I've never seen a regular Diesel Jeans made in USA.
Thavar 816k used but in excellent condition Size 36/34 Open to offers Contact me for more Information    
Great fit and love your Jersey Visca Barca :D
I guess you mean Nimis right?
They use ups and 4-6 working days is realistic.
That's Lowky (women) and not Thanaz
They fit you great and they look good but 816k is better IMO so I would trade them.
In my opinion 275$ is to much for them
Yes tepphar and braddom but forgot the wash of both
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