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Darron 8mz and yes they are :)
Nice Thread Jeanetic! Good work :) But I miss my favorite Diesels Tepphar 8y0 :( :D
Okay your pair looks better than those I've seen! :) But 220€? :/ BTW nice fitting!
I think 888r looks like 882v :S And IMO they are not 220€ worth!
Sorry they sold out :) I never saw Shioner 8x6 so I can not judge that.
No 880w came only in Safado, Krooley and Shioner.
I'll make a picture when I see them next time :)
There is a new 8qu in Thavar Relentless :P The color is black/purple I would say.
For sale is a BNWT Tepphar 8y0 in size 32/32. Measurements Waist: 43cm Length: 109cm   Price is 150€ or best offer. I'm open to realistic offers.  
I also had troubles in the past with our german customs. I bought a Thavar 8x2 and when I wanted to pick them they told me that I have to pay around 120€ fees. I told them fuck you guys ship them back I won't pay that much. I also wanted to buy many times stuff from USA but like you I'm afraid I can get troubles.
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