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Yeah that's what I wanted to say :D :D
I had them. As far as I remember they had a thick denim so maybe you should stay with your size ?!
Thanaz 880l looks a bit like Tepphar 8pk
Viker R Box 8t5
Buy both and try them out and the one you don't like ship them back ;)
Looking for Tepphar 881W in size 28/30, 28/32, 29/30 or 29/32. Thanks :)
I would buy Thavar 886b ;) I don't really like Braddom 887d :S What kind of Jeans are you wearing? If you are wearing skinny Jeans go for Thavar if not go for Braddom :)
I would say Thavar 880g! I would take a plain Jeans. I don't think that they would look good with Shioner 74y! Like Denim Collector said try them out in a Diesel Store :)
The more I see Thavar 8x2 the more I think I have to buy them. Nice fit !! :)
Well I don't really need them that's why :) If they would cost 25€ (35$) I would buy one or two pairs because that's a great deal as you said. But 50€ for shoes I don't really need hmm I don't know maybe I'll buy them anyway :P
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