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For sale is a BNWT Tepphar 8y0 in size 32/32. Measurements Waist: 43cm Length: 109cm   Price is 150€ or best offer. I'm open to realistic offers.  
I also had troubles in the past with our german customs. I bought a Thavar 8x2 and when I wanted to pick them they told me that I have to pay around 120€ fees. I told them fuck you guys ship them back I won't pay that much. I also wanted to buy many times stuff from USA but like you I'm afraid I can get troubles.
That is fucking awesome but I live in Germany and I'm sure I would get troubles with our customs -.-
@ amocjc you got really really nice pairs :)   My collection: Thanaz 8ww (2x), Thanaz 73j (2x), Thanaz 73v, Thanaz 8ie, Thanaz 8fc, Thanaz 8ar, Thanaz 17f, Thanaz 8c3 Tepphar 8y0, Tepphar 8na Thavar 8x2, Thavar 8w7 Poiak 8sv, Larkee 71j, Paddom 8bi   Wishlist: Tepphar 88iw, Tepphar 887v, Thavar 886b
Up for sale is a BNWT Thanaz 17F in size 28.  This pair is really rare! Measurements Waist: 39cm Length: 105cm Leg opening: 18cm   Price is 120€ or best offer. I'm open to realistic offers :) If you need more pictures just let me know.    
Jeanetic did you see them in real? Because I think they don't have a good quality. The denim is weird and my impression was that they wouldn't last for more than 6 months. 
Thanaz 880k is ugly with a bad denim! They look like fake Jeans in real.  
0880m and 880m are the same :)
In general Thanaz is tighter than Poiak but I remember last year I tried Thanaz 8pi and Poiak 8pi and Poiak was DEF tighter :)
It's a Thanaz but I don't remember the washcode.
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