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@Gpoop you could try them in Darron or Larkee ;)
I agree with Jason the first out was not that good. The second was way better but I hate those shoes :S They look like made in 1990 and not 2012 :D
Kurren 8kk does not look like this fake bullshit :D
In real they look like the image you have posted and not like the link. Yeah sometimes I think this could be 2 different Jeans :D
Darron 8mz and yes they are :)
Nice Thread Jeanetic! Good work :) But I miss my favorite Diesels Tepphar 8y0 :( :D
Okay your pair looks better than those I've seen! :) But 220€? :/ BTW nice fitting!
I think 888r looks like 882v :S And IMO they are not 220€ worth!
Sorry they sold out :) I never saw Shioner 8x6 so I can not judge that.
No 880w came only in Safado, Krooley and Shioner.
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