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@ Raj Harida Nice fitting although I don't really like this pair :) I really love your Shirt!!! Looks amazing but the shoes are not appealing me :P
@tookwick4ya It's not easy to descry if this is the case. But what you could do is to check the seller's auctions. If you see this guy with 31 feedback bidding on many items, taking the bid back or something else it could be the case that the seller has 2 accounts or someone who bids on his auctions.  
I thought it was weird because the other guy took his bid 2 times back. When I was younger I used to push my own auctions that's why I maybe thought that this is weird. But as long as you are happy everything is cool :)
Very weird! Seems like the guy with 31 Feedbacks pushed the price.
I kinda like how Thanaz 8880k looks but like you said (and I said before) they look really cheap and I guess they would not hold that long.
@ Leftvapor  Keep the Jacket! I think they fit you well and they look really nice :)
I will be also in London soon maybe I will try them
Well this would be around 265€ which is crazy!
For me 74Y was a big disappointment but 75G looks really really nice.
Haha I wouldn't pay 50€ for this :D
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