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I thought it was weird because the other guy took his bid 2 times back. When I was younger I used to push my own auctions that's why I maybe thought that this is weird. But as long as you are happy everything is cool :)
Very weird! Seems like the guy with 31 Feedbacks pushed the price.
I kinda like how Thanaz 8880k looks but like you said (and I said before) they look really cheap and I guess they would not hold that long.
@ Leftvapor  Keep the Jacket! I think they fit you well and they look really nice :)
I will be also in London soon maybe I will try them
Well this would be around 265€ which is crazy!
For me 74Y was a big disappointment but 75G looks really really nice.
Haha I wouldn't pay 50€ for this :D
150$ for Thanaz 73j, 8ww or 71j? In size 28x30? Well sorry but this is ridiculous ;) And you already have a pair of Thanaz 8ww in size 28x30 and want to sell them for 300$?   Well I have a pair of Thanaz 73j in size 28x32 if you are interested let me know. But I won't let them go for 150$ just to let you know :) 
Thanaz indeed but don't know the wash. I guess it's one made for outlets.
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