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Unfortunately not but I have other Jeans in 28
@ Quettingen - yeah I did, was really happy with the price as I thiught about getting them from Zalando when they eventually go on sale. Glad I didnt though - I love them but not at £300!Did I buy them from you or were you watching them as well? 😃[/quote]Yes, I was watching them and wanted to bid on them but when the auction came to the end I forgot to bid haha Congratulation!
Nice buy! Did you get them from Ebay Germany for arround 90€?
He sells Authentic Diesel Jeans I've already bought from him.The Problem is that nearly every Jeans is a faulty.Just Check the Description and pictures for more Information.
 I have them in 30/32 for sale if you are interested
Tepphar 802c and yes they look really nice
Looks fake but let's see what others say
If you like them look after Thavar 884s they dont have those patches.
Yes, they are authentic
This pair looks awesome!
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