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I can Proxy them for You
For sale are Diesel Thavar 830p in several sizes. Beautiful pair of Jeans a Jeans must have. If you are interested just send me an offer and the size you need. Will ship worldwide. Feel free to ask questions.
For sale is a Diesel Thanaz 73j in size 32/32. Beautiful pair of Jeans a must have! Used but in good condition! Made in Italy. Rare pair really hard to get especially in this size. Just give me an offer if you are interested. Will ship worldwide. Feel free to ask questions.
Yes, I remember that times haha 
I would be satisfied if I would get 150€ but for a new pair 250€ is a fair price.
The time when people bought them for 300-400€ is over. I have several Thanaz 8sv, 8ww and 73j for sale and they are really hard to sell. If you are lucky and find someone who really wants them you can get a nice price for them but that is not that realistic in my opinion.
Tepphar fits you better but Thavar looks better :D Get both mate!
I would Stick with 28/30 since they felt like all other I have
I tried tepphar 838v and I wouldn't say they run loose in waist. They felt like every tepphar I have (about 10)
Thavar 608t
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