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Those are nice. I'd not heard of them till now... It's annoying how Diesel don't stock their own jeans on their own store. They should have EVERY cut and wash in every size .v.
Lookin' mighty fine, sir.   How big are the leg openings on those btw? Zathan is 9.5... those must be like 10.5 at least.
I have a couple of plain ones but I stopped wearing them. They were leaving marks on my jeans, around the waist... maybe I was just unlucky with those particular belts?
Darron looks best on you, I think... maybe if you could size down on either, you should. Not sure about the Krooley since I don't know how they should be worn either.
8YM is quite a thick/ heavy denim, I think. But it's not rigid so I think you should be okay with 30.
They're quite similar but I think Safado has a slightly higher rise.... maybe a little bit looser around the waist as a result (for me personally). I would try find any Safados that you can try on first, if you can.
Never seen those two pairs before. Both look pretty nice... so maybe just get whichever cut you prefer?
Those are kinda cool.
Me too. The sorry thing is that I've thought that once before. I went from 29 to 28 and now wish I had bought 27s.
They're part of a new maternity range.
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