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Yeah, but I won't get them for a couple of weeks... not until I fly to the US. Hope they're worth it. I'm a bit concerned about them being too small. Older washes seem to fit tighter for some reason.
Zatiny suits you well. What are the trainers?
  Nice gun, brah.
I remember trying a 28/30 but they fitted too loose and I couldn't find a 27... so i got them in Viker instead. Only washed them once I believe. I don't wear them very often.
8ZT are awesome. Looks like a good fit too.
I don't think so. Most I've seen is 30%.
Neither I nor the other guy said he was a fraud... only that the website looked suspicious, which is a matter of opinion.
Yeah, I wouldn't risk it. Looks like a really unprofessional website, which is never a good sign.
Another Zathan. Nothing special imo.   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/536897A2/cod10/42193713VA/mm/125
Yeah, very similar to 8L9... but maybe a bit nicer even.
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