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  Nice gun, brah.
I remember trying a 28/30 but they fitted too loose and I couldn't find a 27... so i got them in Viker instead. Only washed them once I believe. I don't wear them very often.
8ZT are awesome. Looks like a good fit too.
I don't think so. Most I've seen is 30%.
Neither I nor the other guy said he was a fraud... only that the website looked suspicious, which is a matter of opinion.
Yeah, I wouldn't risk it. Looks like a really unprofessional website, which is never a good sign.
Another Zathan. Nothing special imo.   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/536897A2/cod10/42193713VA/mm/125
Yeah, very similar to 8L9... but maybe a bit nicer even.
Those are nice. I'd not heard of them till now... It's annoying how Diesel don't stock their own jeans on their own store. They should have EVERY cut and wash in every size .v.
Lookin' mighty fine, sir.   How big are the leg openings on those btw? Zathan is 9.5... those must be like 10.5 at least.
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