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Ich spiele fussball
The photographer said his butt never looked so good.  
Something like Fabreze... I guess.
My 8AA are really tight... especially compared to what I wore today. These are only one size up but there's a world of difference. If I remember rightly, they stretched loads.   Zathan 8AT                
Those 71J don't seem to flare as much as mine. Look good.     Safado 8AA. Should've taken photos in natural light. Bah.      
Is 882v bright and almost fluorescent in real life? As they appear on the Diesel store...
I agree. Skinny jeans suit you.
I really want a pair of those jogg jeans... but at that price... and in those cuts... I don't know.
I'm quite pale so I always thought it made things worse haha.
Yeah I do like that black polo. I can never get black to look good on me, though.
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