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I think they fit really loose, and I reckon you'd be better off getting 8AT in Zathan if you want a bootcut (or Zatiny, but Zathan seems easy to come by).
Anyone know where I could get Viker 8W3, size 28? Thanks.
I love me some mad decals on my car.
Could get them hemmed I suppose.
Sounds like you could wear something like Larkee in a L30. Seems a bit unnecessary to go through several pairs, although I'm curious to see how Zathan looks on you in a 30 and 32.
I like bootcut but... you could wear Zathan/ Zatiny just as skin tight around the thighs too.
Those viker 885K look great... but totally different here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNWT-DIESEL-Mens-Vintage-Straight-Leg-Jeans-VIKER-885K-Stretch-All-Size-x-32-/230698664670   I don't like how they look on ebay...
Yoox has the most bizarre take on modelling.
I don't. For comfort mostly... but last time I did, the leather stained the denim so I stopped.
My 8F5 run bigger than usual... so if yours fit nicely, I'd get the same in Zatiny 74F.
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