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Here you go. They're Viker-R-Box, yeah. I reckon you could size down on these maybe. They fit me looser than than my other Vikers. The denim is fairly thin... slightly thicker than 8zt, though.
Got them from the Diesel store in Manchester, UK. I'll upload some photos tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 sorry, next plz let me know the wash code of ciao Those are 8F5. I bought a pair last week... pretty nice wash in person.
They'd look okay without the paint.. and maybe toned down a little. As they are, they're way too random.
Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben ^DunLauh: Good start and welcome to the forum. Nice casual outfit and in contrast to most I like the sneakers a lot. But I have four pairs of Ornitsuka as my summer beater pairs, so I am quite biased. What colorway are those? blue and red stripes? Btw. depending on how much wear those Safados have seen so far, you could size down one. Depending on the look you are going for. Thanks. They're plain blue...
Quote: Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 wow cool! your safado-8E7(+1) color is so nice than my cheking on shop of DIESEL. i can't find out cool color like as your's.... ciao It could just be the lighting in my photo. It makes them look a bit darker than they really are. Although, the pair you tried on do look way lighter than mine.
Safado 8e7 ^_^
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