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I suppose 2 sizes up might still fit you.... loosely.... assuming a 36 was tight in the first place.
I would say 28/30. Same as me. ;D
I would've thought eBay... but seems they don't have your size, so I don't know. It's kind of an old wash now.
I would've got the 8XR if it weren't for the pockets. Other than that, they look good.
Sorry. What I meant to say was: They're amazing testicles. Good job.    
No. No, you should not.
Looks good. Suits you, so I would keep them. I was looking at the same pair the other day but couldn't find my size.
From the cuts I've tried, Safado isn't noticeably slimmer anywhere except the lower leg, so I think 28 would be fine. And (I think) he has slightly slimmer legs than me, and I wear a 28.
I want to get my 8B9 patched because I poked my toe through and tore the threads... but aside from going to a tailors and spending more than its worth, I don't know what to do.
Looks like 8BE, but it's hard to tell with such a small photo. If I'm right, they're 100% cotton. But if it's important to you, I'd wait for someone else to check.
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