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While it may be easier to stretch than shrink, I'd rather wear jeans that are too loose than too tight. For me, I would get the smaller size only if I knew the wash stretches a fair bit.  
I don't think there's anything wrong with them since all Diesel jeans are well made in my opinion.  As well as 73N, You could try Zatiny 8J4 too.. if you can find them.  
They look like a good standard pair of Zathans. If you want help with sizing, you'd be best to just try them on and take pics...
They look good. Whats the denim like?
Does anyone have any fit pics of Safado 886P? I want to know if these are at all similar to 71J or more washed out.
Mine already had the threads cut when I bought them. In fact, the threads are glued or whatever to the iron-on patches, which stops them from... flopping around.
I would go for Zatiny. It has nice plain back pockets... and you prefer bootcut anyway.  
71J is great... Unfortunately I have it in a Zatiny that's too big for me... and Zathan, which I wouldn't mind, but the bootcut looks larger than normal.
Asos prices are always the same as the Diesel store.. sometimes cheaper (in pounds).
Cowboys wear bootcuts and they're coo'.
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