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Mr Leftvapor... how does Shioner compare to Safado? I was thinking about getting 74Y too but wasn't sure whether to size up one.  
Don't size up. Just get Safado instead. Slightly more room around the calves.  
All I can tell you is that Zathan 8SS was a size smaller for me around the waist. It might be different for Ruky.
I hope I can be as cool as him one day.
Those look okay... but £250?!  
Safado is great. I just wish it'd get some standard washes that aren't ugly. Seems to just get the high end ones and horrible tacky ones.   I would say my least favourite would be something like Krooley, just because of the shape.
Eurovision is pointless. Might as well drop the song and dance and just vote your political ally.
I like the wash a lot. Fit would be better if you wore them lower/ on your hips.
Thinking to get either Safado 880W or Safado 886P but I can't decide which.   I guess I prefer 886P more, but I'm worried they're too similar to my 8E7. And I've seen some photos of 880W that look way too bleached/ messy for my liking.   Any thoughts?
I want chicken jeans!
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