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Hi, I have a sneaking suspicion that these may not be authentic...but let me know your thoughts. Thx The tag should read "Read More" but it looks like "Reao hore"
Quote: Originally Posted by Eduardo Alberto if u're going to italy u should definitelly go to via del corso and via condotti those are streets in rome, right? where abouts in rome are they (north, west, etc.??)
Quote: Originally Posted by babieejae1101 Positano is also really nice. My dad told me to tell u that you should go to Via Venuto ( sp), which is in Rome. They have shopping there. I am not too sure where it exactly is, though. I am trying to get him to take me this summer. We have distance cousins in Naples and in Sicily. A lot of people in Rome speak English ( most of the people). The people in the small towns don't really speak that much English. Make...
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner I am from Italy and I keep repeating the same things to all my firends who plan to go there: try sth different. Like some of the other members have said, Bologna (my birth place ) is great, Rimini has great, fun beaches, etc. Don't go to Italy just to see the 3 places every other tourist in the world has seen, too. if i could, i would love to visit every city and take it all in. But unfortunetly, my...
Congrats as well. As a recent grad myself who landed a job in sept., i would try Club Monaco or Zara. CM has everything you can need and want (except the shoes). I find their shirts are cut really nicely and they keep it simple yet trendy. Zara has great shirts and pants too. I bought a reversable leather belt with a simple buckle from old navy (black and brown) and i rock it pretty much everyday.
Quote: Originally Posted by KatePacher There is a great outlet mall about 30 minutes outside of Florence called The Mall. There is a bus that goes there I think twice a day, leaving from near the main train station, the cost was around 10 Euros round trip. The Gucci outlet there is the best one, but they also have Burberry, Valentino, Armani, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, Sergio Rossi, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. The bus drops you off and then comes back...
Hi, I'm planning on taking a trip to Italy (& some other european countries) this coming summer with some buddies and was wondering if anybody has been and could offer any tips, advise, etc. on places to shop. I plan to hit up Milan, Rome and Florence (most of the time in Milan). Now of course I could go to the big fashion houses but I would just be wasting time window shopping. I'm more curious to know about outlets and smaller stores and even street markets? Ive also...
thanks a bunch...these will be posted in the womens section...sz 31 if anyones interested thanks again
style # U076080U-055U cut # 705258 does that equate to a mens or womens? Also, im pretty sure these are authentic, but if someone can tell based on the style/cut #'s, can someone verify this. Thanks A Lot!!
Quote: Originally Posted by trampzilla The tags look good, but all the Skinners I have encountered before were always 100% cotton. Is the signature red tab on the back pocket just torn out /cut off or these are supposed to be brand new? Im not sure if these are faked, but they never came with the signature red tab. This is the reason I am questioning the authenticty. That's how they came when I bought them from eBay.
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