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I do have lot but my favorite ones are: Zathan 772, 73i, 88Z, 8FC, 8DK and 8FA
Hey i can not view the image its saying the image has been deleted or moved
Thanks for sharing... it was very informative
yeah you are right Value added tax might be the biggest reason. 
thanks for the data. it was informative 
Thanks for your views. I also doubted that. was just having a healthy dispute about the matter with colleague so thought to have some second opinions :D
i need to know if you have any information about diesel jeans being cheaper in Europe than in the United States.  why could that be so?
Hey men! Please let me know does Nike have some high heel shoes? Will it really help you appear taller?
hey! please guide me on this?I need to know what designer brand makes nicest men shoes? 
Hey ladies! have you got any experience on buying from Gotic Lolita on Ebay?  My sister just received her order and she has been yelling all the day.  i mean is it that bad always or was it just her luck. :D
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