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8AA is the same quality.  I have a pair from 2008 that was 8aa that I wore the shit out of.  I have a shoiner 8AA from this season.  Looks great, just don't wash it unless you want it to fade.
Yes!  We put them out a couple weeks ago.  They're selling super fast though, 5th Ave is down to like 12 pairs, I had to go to Union Square to get my pair.
Well.... The matics are low rise and my ass always hangs out.  They look fine on guys with no asses. :/  The Brucke fit great, I've just worn the living hell out of them.  The clush though.... They're this bronze pair.  Very cool, but a size too small.  I still wear them though with boots and a muscle tee sometimes.  It was when metallic jeans for men was the trend. haha
No, Unless it's Diesel Black Gold, Denim Gallery or a Really Old Model/Fashion Pant.
Um... I'm gay so... Yeah I have women's skinny jeans, I don't wear them that often though (the most recent one was from 2007).
8M2 is a good wash, but yeah, there is a bit of inconsistency.  
SIze down.  Almost all diesel jeans will stretch half a size.  Guys look sexy in Larkee 8M2.  It's funny how different people's body types are.  I'm 5'8 with a 26/27 waist and one of my coworkers same height and build.  I need a 32 length in most jeans and he needs to get his 30 length hemmed.  I'm awkwardly leggy.
Our Visual Team is doing floorset all week so...They'll be out this week.
yeah but are they ugly washes like 8C2? haha
Shoiner 8aa Safado-Biker 8b2 Thanaz 8lp Keever 8lz Matic 8dk Matic 89s Clush 8hx Brucke 8aa 3 pairs of Denim Gallery Jeans and a Pair of Diesel Black Gold Overalls from their first collection (It's an 8AA wash)
New Posts  All Forums: