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I haven't posted for awhile, but I just wanted to drop by and say congrats, Antolette! I know you'll make a great mod
you're welcome! see if they'll shrink a little with a hot wash/dry... p.s. good thing you didn't get the 27's lol!
the supers look amazing!! glad you like them
oops sorry, I negged your post by accident so I changed it to a +1 lol. BTW the jeans are REAL!
Oh wow, hope you guys didn't feel unwelcome. I'm the mod of the R&R section at AF. I hate to hear that people think it sucks. But to each their own.
I love those on you. 81M is a great wash, I have the Lowkys.
I went to Colma, nothing new. Just whatever was left from Tuesday. No small sizes
I've never had a problem. But it's not the most sturdy.
There's a flat rate Global Priority envelope. It costs $7.50 to Canada and $9.50 to the U.K. and Germany.
I'll be going after my morning class. I hope they restocked since Wednesday! jo, I can pick something up if I see it. What are you looking for?
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