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if i dry my mne's all the way in the dryer the are SOOO tight. If I dry them so they are just damp, they fit perfect. (when they aren't dried enough they bag like crazy. Kinda weird from the same pair of jeans). So... I'd suggest not drying entirely if you use the dryer.
Quote: Originally Posted by carlyluvsdenim Those were the ones I bought yesterday (with taxes and shipping came to $105). If those don't show up on my doorstep I'm going to freak. I did get an order confirmation email though. Order confirmation means nothing with scoop, unfortunately. I've had more orders cancelled by them. **fingers crossed you get yours**
Did anybody notice that they raised the "sale" prices when they offered free shipping?
I just saw them on sale somewhere (online) for $65ish
Quote: Originally Posted by vv2002 Thanks IAmRenee ...i was watching the other NYE A pocket BNWT going to end like a day or two but looks like it's going to end up high...so after saw your post *hence i'm NOT suppose to buy anymore jeans * i was like...what the heck....now more money added to my CC...gotta sell that two jeans QUICK!!! Parker Gauchos and NYD crystalized crystals...anyone??? Thanks Lauriebell!!! Hopefully they are real. I...
too short! BOO!!
Hope they are real. These http://cgi.ebay.com/100-AUTHENTIC-SE...QQcmdZViewItem are stolen pics and description from http://cgi.ebay.com/Seven-For-All-Ma...QQcmdZViewItem better verify with tag pics
I'm with everbody else.... THEY LOOK GREAT!! I wasn't crazy abut them before, but now after seeing pics of you wearing them, I want them.
I've been wanting them!! Looking good!!
It appears whatever he buys, he gets many of 1 item in various sizes. **fingers crossed they are real** http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...ince=30&rdir=0
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