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  That's awesome, salenawilliam!  I wish I had the discipline to wear some of my nicer stuff to work.  :-)  I think I have one suit but honestly, I don't even know if it fits me any more.  I still haven't worked up to wearing heels to work yet but I've promised myself that I'm going to do it by the end of the week.
    Wow, really?  In some work places, I understand having something of a uniform but that's such a bummer your employer thinks that way.  In our building, we have a company that's very large and beauty oriented (I'll refrain from naming it though)...they apparently require their employees to wear their company colors...every day...and that's it.  No other colors are allowed.  And I don't even think the people who work in our building even interface with customers, just...
  My office isn't terribly dressy (think start-up with lots of engineers) so in some ways, I feel a little weird wearing "nice" clothes to work since there are so many folks in t-shirts, but on the other hand....if I don't wear my nice stuff to work, I'll never wear it at all!  (or at least not very much)   I have yet to really start busting out the heels because I usually end up feeling lazy on my way to work and just go for flats but I keep threatening myself...
Hardly been worn, great sweater in medium.    The sweater is gray wool with nape buttons on the turtleneck.  Dry clean only.
Hi Ruth!  We had a server issue right around the time you ran into the issue.  Should be a-okay now!
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