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Quote: Originally Posted by designerdesire Omg that J. Crew bag is the SAME price as a Prada bag! If you're going to spend that much, go to Saks and get a brand worth that kind of money. My personal suggestion would be Tumi. I bought one from them freshman year of college and it has held up so well. It was only about $130 on sale, but it's actually big enough to fit my 15" MBP and books, snacks, cell phone..you name it. The problem with a lot of these...
well i cant see the picture is there some problem with my browser or the picture has been removed? :S
Dont know try to google them.
i bought a rolex branded watch for my bf and he was like the best present in his life.
nice jacket .. how much did this jacket cost you?
wow nice pants i guess should buy these for my bf he will love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by dapickle Fashion Palm and Wearmi websites are not authentic. I ordered Abercrombie pants and shorts from them and they sent me fakes. I tried to bring them to an Abercrombie store and the clerk said she's never seen anything like them. They didn't match sizes and material was different. Don't buy from either. Dillon C Albany, NY Oh thanks i was about to order one. Thank god you saved me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 look at them sandbags shake lol very nice videos.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpalma121 Damn all you guys are fucking boring!!! No this is a really good thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Casiotech and he hasn't aged one bit Hulu - The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien: Pee Wee Explains Never heard of him before. Just saw the video he seems to be funny.
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