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what a sweet deal! they look great on, but if it were me, i'd sell and buy 2 pair with the profit
very long time since i have posted...wore this out the other night. please excuse the terrible hair. old gap tee black tank tildon hoodie/volcom jacket cheap monday bcbg
^ its say's they are sold out.
thanks! I have looked in the HM, but he's a skinny one, size 31 is the largest he can go, and it seems like all the ones for sale are at least a 32. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and check Revolve again (they were also out of his size!)
Hi everyone- I finally got my bf to try on some premium denim, and he loved it! lol (The A pockets in Barbados were his favorite.) Can anyone reccomend a good ebay seller for men's SFAM or an online store where I can use a coupon code? I mean, i'll buy them retail if i absolutely have to, but i'd rather not. Thanks! Kate
I'm curious as to why the babycare didn't call her when she didn't arrive with the child. I used to work in a daycare, and the schedules are ususally pre-arranged, and if a parent isn't going to drop off they have to call in. In either case, it's so very sad.
Ha! I'll be there 14-16, this weekend! So i bought a cute Hot Kiss black stretchy halter that knots under the chest and falls loose right around the hips. I'll take a pic when i get home and post it up!
Quote: Originally Posted by incagirl kate, i posted a bunch of links on AF-- that's where i saw the post first. thanks so much!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell that's so true. you def gotta check out the dress code before you get all ready'ed and wait in line only to be told no go. That's the issue, I don't know where we are going (we are meeting people), so I can't call ahead or anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by becks Anyhow, the most random people go there and it's such a great place to sit and "people laugh", oops I meant "people watch". I can't wait for people watching! It's one of my favorite pastimes lol
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