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Sorry if it's been posted already... 7 for all mankind Women - Denim - Jeans 7 for all mankind on YOOX
Quote: Originally Posted by Melody Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous *_* I'm going to blame you for introducing me to Balenciaga. If I ever get one it is ALL YOUR FAULT! Now you sound like me! And yes, I do blame her for me caving and buying my first one, when just a few months ago I was spazzing out for spending $150 on a Bulga bag!
I posted a similar thread a while ago - I tried all the suggestions in here but it pretty much only went away after me letting it "air out" for about two weeks. Now you can still smell it if you stick your nose inside but overall it is gone. http://www.honestforum.com/hf-chat/8...igarette+smell
I LOVE the pics!! I so wish I wasn't dumb and forgetful and made it there. Kelly, you are beautiful, you have no reason to be afraid to hang with us! (ps I heart your bag too!)
yup, it's the same here in the US - cops get paid overtime to come to court, so they have great incentive to show up. there's a book i read that actually said to send a letter to the cop pretending that he has won some inheritance from a long lost relative and can meet with the family member's lawyer to discuss how to get it...of course to coincide with your court date. i don't know what book would make you go from a simple traffic ticket to downright fraud, but ok...
I don't remember the details of the movie (I watched it a long time ago when it came out) but from what I recall, I was happy with the bittersweet ending of the movie. Just because two people love each other doesn't mean that they should be together. If there are problems that caused the relationship to end, there's a reason it didn't work out. But to grow as a better person, you take whatever lessons you learned from the relationship and apply it to your next one. I...
I've seen a lot of interviewees come through for my last company - almost everyone comes in either a black or gray suit (for both men and women). I haven't seen navy, but our industry (big oil) usually doesn't see many fashion forward people either.
If you do OC you capture the LA, OC, and SD people... If you do LA you will probably lose the SD and some of the OC people, just because it's so hard to battle traffic to get up there.
ooh, put me in as a yes!
My family lives in OC so I'd come down if it's during a weekend I'm there....
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