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Sign up for shopittome.com and put in your favorite brands and they'll send you emails whenever they go on sale. I used to be like you, one of those people who wouldn't consider designer items because I just thought they were too expensive. Until I realized that there's so many ways to buy them on sale that they'd cost the same as a cheaper brand....now I'm an obsessed bargain shopper! Nordstroms and Neimans will often have sales where you can get Sevens and other...
Quote: Originally Posted by 20pearlsAKA Didn't they play that during the premier of the hills???... Or maybe it was the sneak peek of Newport Harbor??? Idk. One of those mtv shows. I really like it, though. The cover on the Hills was from Marie Digby (the girl tour90 mentioned) from LA. She's gotten a lot of press down there after trying out for a local radio station, and has performed her cover on Carson Daly. I think Mandy's cover came after...
^^in sydney we're staying at the marriott in the harbour...no real plans on what to do yet once we're there...pretty open.
thanks guys!!
I'm going to be spending two nights in Auckland, three nights in Queenstown NZ, three nights in Sydney and three nights in Cairns in November. I'd like to know...is it worth getting a rental car in each city or am I better off just relying on public transportation? I'm not sure how far the airports are from the main cities, or if cities are hard to navigate through, so I figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks!
^^aw, what a cute kitty!!
I just recently went to a 11 year high school get together (not really a reunion because our class president decided to not to do one), and people do change. There were people there that I never really talked to in high school, but have now grown into people that I could be great friends with. So I kinda feel the whole thought of "if I wanted to keep in touch with them, I would have" isn't really good because then you are projecting what your thoughts of how they were in...
if he likes meat, maybe try agora in irvine (all you can eat brazilian bbq): Agora Churrascaria Irvine | Yelp. what about getting him an experience gift? since he is into cars, maybe he'd like a ride in a race car on the speedway? or maybe he'd like flying a helicopter, or something exciting? here are some more ideas in the la area: Action & Adventure Gift Certificate Ideas in Los Angeles | Signature Days
Quote: Originally Posted by seoulstice On a sidenote[related to Outlook], does anyone know how to do the office prank and make it so when someone types in one word on an email, it automatically replaces it with another? Here you go: http://www.thecareerbreaksite.com/fun/office-pranks.php My husband did that to a co-worker - any time the guy would sign his name, it would automatically change to "Casanova." It drove the guy up a wall, and he...
You may think it sucks but it is the #2 rated show on NBC! Sign Up
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