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I grew up in OC, and used to think our summers were hot...until I spent a year in Baltimore and found out that East Coast (as well as Midwest) summers are unbearable! While So Cal may get the occasional 100+ degree day, they don't have to deal with the extreme humidity in other states, where you literally are soaking in sweat the second you walk out the door. When I moved back to CA, I was so thankful of our summers! I'm in the Bay Area now, so while it is 75 in SF and...
I was under the impression that this ended a long time ago. Are there more??
^^lol. yup, that would probably fit the profile of 1/4 of the guys there!
1. Crystal 2. Christina (sailornep5) and Mr. Sailornep5 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
have you guys decided on a date yet? i will be down the weekend of sept 7-9.
I really wanted to get Lasik done but was just told yesterday my corneas are too thin to get it done. The Lasik doctor suggested I look into interocular lenses - I guess where they insert a permanent contact lens into your eye? I tried looking up online and saw that PRK might be another option for me. Has anyone else here gotten rejected for Lasik and done any of the other procedures? Any suggestions or advice?
Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs Yes, Depo = Evil incarnate. Will not say more since I'm sure everyone else's horror stories have instilled fear in you. I LOVE the Ring. I swear by it. It's funny she freaked out, NuvaRing has the lowest amount of estrogen compared to other BC methods that have estrogen in it. I know she suggested Depo because it is only progesterone and has no estrogen. Another one to stay away from, the patch. I was...
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Quote: Originally Posted by begret 4 years ago. I had to wait until the technology could correct my terrible vision (-12.75/-13.25, yes, the decimal is in the right place!) Yowsers! Here I thought my vision was bad (-4.50, -7.50). I am DYING to get Lasik done but I have to wait until next year so I can pour cash into my health spending account.
happy berfday!!
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