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Their fall sale is going on now...save up to 40%
hubby and i came in with an equal amount of assets, so we didn't have a prenup....but if he had asked me to sign one, i would have been fine with it. i think it's a good idea for a lot of people.
Yes, this is strange indeed! I worked for TJ Maxx as a lead cashier and I was astonished at the stuff I was forced to take back. There were several people that returned crap for a living, and would switch tags and stuff, and no matter how much proof I had, my store manager would just keep telling me to give them store credit. I'd understand them giving you grief if you didn't have a receipt, but with a receipt, within 30 days, and tags attached....it doesn't make any...
Poor girl! Thank goodness you aren't hurt. If you decide on fixing your car, there's an auto body shop I know that will give you quotes for about half of any other place I've found. It's owned by a vietnamese guy who has no interpersonal skills whatsoever in downtown SJ but the work is good and cheap. I've gotten three cars (yeah, I have no luck with cars) fixed up there. I agree with the others - either fix it for cheap or don't fix it at all.
banana is the only place where i can pick anything off the rack in my size and know that it will fit me well. with other business wear brands, i usually have to try on different styles in order to find one that looks right on me. most other brands tend to either fall way on the fashionista side of the spectrum (not ok at my boring corporate office where style and originality is shunned) or fall on the "perfect for my mom" side. banana is the great in between - not too...
OH NO! That totally, totally sucks. Now he has no incentive to withdraw his feedback.
Sorry, I don't know how you'd be able to determine if the tickets are authentic unless you already have some to check it against. But I've bought/sold tickets on CL and Ebay all the time and haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood).
yeah, unfortunately the only time ebay will remove feedback is if there is cursing or really damning remarks involved. otherwise, you have to do the mutual feedback withdrawal, where the comments remain but the points are taken off.
^because i think once you neg him and he withdraws his neg on you, the neg is deleted and you get your 100% back (but the comments will remain).
you have 1100+ auctions with only one neg, don't worry about it! but i know, the first neg always stings the worst (at least what i've heard). i see you haven't given him a neg yet - as soon as you do, i'm sure it'll be erased. the comments will still be there, but i think most consumers will read it and realize what the story is.
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