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It was sent USPS Parcel Post....Kelly I know what you mean about UPS, my husband yelled at a driver once after he watched him kick a box up our stairs! The driver just looked at him and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." Argh! So what if they say they are not responsible because I didn't choose to buy insurance? Is there a tactful way of saying that it doesn't matter?
Am I responsible? It was for two framed pictures and they arrived with glass completely broken. They were $16 each (minus shipping) so I'm not out a wad of money or anything, but I wanted to know what I should write to them. They arrived in a box that read "Glass Fragile" with one layer of bubble wrap around it; not the best packaging I would think for two framed portraits. I admittedly didn't purchase insurance but after perusing some of the Ebay boards it seems there...
Try going onto Orbitz and refining your search to only look at flights between midnight and 9am,....
i have a couple...let me know if you want them
I was in the exact same situation for a Jetblue flight - came 5 mins after they closed the flight, even though the plane didn't leave for another forty minutes. I cried and gave them my sob story (I was flying to surprise an out of state boyfriend at his surprise birthday party) and all three employees I talked to said no go. I had to sleep at the airport to try standby on the first flight the next morning. Airport rules SUCK.
Quite possibly the best shirt ever... Wolf T Shirt Long Sleeve Mens-Large
^^lol well, today she paid for the items out of nowhere. so i guess that means she's accepting my response. i am definitely not leaving feedback for her until AFTER i get mine!
My auction stated "ask about combined shipping!" but she never asked. I gave it to her anyway, and then she complained. I wrote to her explaining the policy, and even linked her to a sticky on Ebay's discussion board that explains how sellers are free to determine their shipping and handling costs, provided it is not extremely out of whack. I even told her that if she is not happy with the shipping costs, to let me know and I would do a mutual agreement not to sell...
I sold some items for my mom and an Ebayer (relative newbie) bid and bought two of them. Even though she hadn't asked, I knocked down the shipping fee from $20 ($10 each item - they weigh 1.5 lbs each) to $15 and sent an invoice. She wrote me back three days later and said, "I want to pay for my items but am waiting on a reduced shipping fee." I wrote her back and said I had already reduced the fee $5, but maybe she didn't get it, so I'll send it to her again. She...
I find all of them annoying. I think I'm going to root for the monkey.
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