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^My husband's co-worker had the same problem - they bought one from Costco and the wife said she couldn't handle the smell so they returned it. Mine was no problem though - we opened it and slept on it the same night, so I'm not sure why one was bad and the other wasn't? I'm happy with mine. We bought it a while ago so I can't remember how much it was, but I think it was less than $500 (which is substantially cheaper than Brookstone's).
Agreed - it's a great movie. There's one scene where I'm pretty sure I can see Michael Cera's balls...which was a bit funny and gross at the same time.
I have a memory foam mattress (from Costco, not Tempurpedic) and I have an electric mattress cover on it at all times. It hasn't ruined the mattress at all. We bought a mattress for my in-laws, and they thought it was too firm for them. They ended up putting a featherbed on top of it and now they love it, because they have the softness of the featherbed but if they move around on the bed the other person doesn't wake up due to the memory foam.
Have you tried the local boards on the Knot? The brides on there would probably be able to help you in two seconds.
I have both, and I personally prefer XM over Sirius (although I do wish XM had a Super Shuffle station). I like the stations and song varieties better.
Made it to level 5 on my first try....my worst one is Gala-something islands - I thought it was somewhere off Europe but turns out it's 12,000km away near South America!
Definitely get it. Kids absolutely love it, and you'll be able to easily get 5-6 hours of alone time if you choose to.
I've had good luck with Crest Whitestrips. Works better than any other over the counter brand I've tried.
Eek! Thank goodness everything turned out okay. Hopefully the Zathans turn out okay too.
I think they are real. They are an older style. You may want to ask about the measurements of the leg opening, to determine if they are really as skinny as the ones in the picture, or if they are more flared.
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