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hey minika! i've still been lurking around...just my obsession for jeans has been transferred so i don't write as much. i still get to see your beautiful outfits everyday in the waywt thread though.
I TOTALLY know what you mean. Just over a year ago, I would have never thought about spending more than $100 on a purse. Then it started with a Bulga on sale...then a Kooba...then before you know it I bought a Balenciaga. It sneaks up on you! You start off thinking, "Oh this is only $100 more...if I sell this, I can put the money towards this...." etc etc. $1000 later you look around and have a crapload of purses you don't even remember buying! My new obsession is...
My $800 would definitely go to the CL Very Noeud slingback...if only I had somewhere fancy enough to wear them! Christian Louboutin Very Noeud slingbacks | NET-A-PORTER.COM
Creepy Dutch TV Host video And exactly what kind of singing show is this?
I love it. I had a Blackberry Curve as my work phone and was happy with it....then I received the iPhone as a gift....now I don't use my Blackberry for anything other than checking work emails. I don't even use the iPhone as an iPod (I'm slow like that), but I have a blast surfing websites and playing with all the neat features. I wish I got it when it first came out!
Aw boo! Can't you return them back to NAP? I just had to return a pair of CL Hora slingbacks and they refunded my money promptly...
Husband already knew about the affair prior to the show...and they are still "friends" even though he wants to go through with the divorce (duh, I'm sure everyone he knows is giving him grief): LIVE: The TV Blog
check out yelp.com and type in tailors and check out other people's experiences.
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybean I believe avatar may have several from his casual encounters. Much like this one he sent me after a long weekend, which i cannot for the life of me find on CL anymore: DoChaos.com • View topic - From Craigslist OMG, that was funny! How did that not make Best of CL?
I have sent Priority Mail International packages to other countries from my mailbox. I am sure they would pick up regular First Class International, but that generally doesn't have tracking, so your seller may require Priority Mail International so they can properly track it. It's a pain in the butt, and costs a heck of a lot more (as Kelly as shown) but if your seller has gotten screwed by an international buyer in the past, that might be why they do it.
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