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For those of you who don't want to watch the movie, this reviewer thought it was so bad he decided to write a spoiler laden review about it (it's pretty funny!): The Movie Review: ‘The Happening’
luckee- i live in nor cal now jetsetter - thanks for the info! yeah, i didn't really mean "infinity" but it might as well be...i guess i can check out the other verizon phones. i just know he really digs the iphone and there doesn't seem to be much in the market right now that matches it.
I'm thinking of getting my husband an unlocked iPhone for his birthday since he loves mine but unfortunately has a contract with Verizon for infinity. Are there going to be any issues with buying one of these unlocked phones off Ebay or Craigslist? Is it really as simple as just sticking in his SIM card and now it's all ok? I've tried searching on Google about this but I just get a ton of results talking about "bricking" (have no clue what that means) and other tech...
I'm not an expert but you'd probably have a good shot finding one in the Prada/Miu Miu section of Purse Forum...
I really like the Loreal Sublime Bronze....it gives a nice tan unlike others that just turn you orange (Jergens, Nivea, Neutrogena).
I love Kasils. Totally underrated imo. Having said that, I probably wouldn't pay full price for them....on Ebay you can fetch one for under $50. They fit true to size for me.
Best sheets ever. The nice thing about Costco and their liberal return policy - buy towels, sheets, whatever from them and as long as you have a receipt, you can return it (even after using them). I know, so unethical but whatever. Costco - Spalena Bed Sheets
There's a whole list of coupon codes on sites like Slickdeals or Fat Wallet if you want a specific car rental company to use. Some are supposedly employee codes and may or may not work, but it's worth a shot. I personally use Priceline because I kinda feel (with some exceptions) that car rental companies are the same. I can usually get a mid size or full size car for $15/day...you should give it a try!
Thanks for the info...I double checked and his inseam is indeed 38"! Yikes! I will have him check out some of the other brands jskidder recommended....thanks!!
I have a super tall friend (6'7") who is looking for jeans...is he just stuck w/no name brands or are there Diesels or other premium denim that will work? I think his inseam is 38"...
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