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Help out please? He's not gonna refund unless I have proof that this s fake =(
Made In Japan's are nice too. IMO, MIJs are nicer then MIE's.
No genuine seller? Awwwww
Hell yeah, Fred Perry! If you're looking for something Retro, Fred Perry is definitely IT!
RL <3
eBay is a dangerous place to shop for brands like burberry, lacoste, Ralph lauren, etc. etc. Lol. Bless you
Hey guys, please.. if you're free do take a look at my post in this topic http://www.honestforum.com/more-desi...html?tdisplay= Really need help, if it's a fake, I need some opinions and I'll file a dispute to t he seller and request for a refund! =( Thanks in advance.
I recently bought a Lacoste Polo Tee from a forum guy. He said it was authentic and it was Made In Japan. I was in doubt and was confused if i should purchase it, but in the end he convinced me by telling me that Japan do produce better quality product then those Lacostes that are made in Peru etc. And so I thought, why not give it a try since he said if it was fake, he would refund me, but I dont know man Upon receiving it I checked the logo and tag and noticed I cant...
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