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How tall you are and what is your chest measurement in inches (all around chest). I'm asking because most of diesel jackets and blazers run small. Most diesel jackets run like this: M - 40" chest L - 42" chest XL - 44" chest (Not to confuse this with centimeters:) In my case I'm 6'1" and my chest is 45 inches and diesel jackets size XL fits me quite tight.
Are thavar 811p as loose in the waist as thavar 886b? Also how low rise they are?
Yup thanks I think they are legit, they just answer my email. however they don't ship to US.
Direct link to the jeans, http://www.menatwork.nl/default/men/jeans/diesel-thavar-831e-01/42296.html?dwvar_42296_color=081
Is https://www.menatwork.nl legit? I noticed they have thavar Thavar 831E that I really want in 33x32 for only €124.99. But it seems there is no option of sending them to USA, anyone in Netherlands or Belgium that could help with shipment?
Hmm. I don't see tags in the pics but it's listed as Condition: New with tags.
New thavar 886b for just $99.99USD. 33x32. http://m.ebay.com/itm/111642066122?nav=SEARCH
They have pretty decent prices there
What's the name of this bomber jacket?
Have you tried them on? I'm wondering how this cut feels like. So I'm guessing they are slimmer than safaado but not as skiny as thavar?
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