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Ok thank
Those are official list for fw2015?I don't see Thavar 8qu.
Ok thanks
Great, wondering what cut are those jeans.
They have thavar 847e as white jeans in FW2015 collection but white version of 847e is not available in the U.S. I think it's only available in Asia.
Yup I've seen that picture. You don't think it will be released as FW2015 item? If that's the case it would be pretty strange as they advertise it in FW 2015 lookbook.
I think it is Thavar 008qu, look at the contrast stitching.I'm confused as 008qu was advertised as FW 2015 jeans on lookbook. It's already almost August so I'm questing it should be out by now.
That white jeans, 2nd bottom left, is Thavar 008qu? Summer is almost over and they still don't release that pair.
They look very Jeckson Pollock.
@dequinha Thanks for the pics of the jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: