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any new codes for yoox. I think I will be getting something pretty soon from yoox.
I think that second hat would fit better. It would be too much if you wear denim hat with those pants you posted above but I think it would go well with your 811p jeans. So you could wear your thavar 811p, white tshirt, that denim hat and aviator sunglasses.
I'm not sure. I even asked my my mom if she ever visited Bucharest with me when I was very small so I wouldn't remember that trip but she said No, we were never in Bucharest
Weird thing is, I had a few dreams about this building before I knew it exists. Then one day I saw it on the TV and I surprised because it seemed exactly the same as building in my dreams. Since then I always wanted to visit.
I think 8880m is much thiner than 811p and it's a lighter wash which I thought would be perfect for summer, even in Miami FL Btw. I always wanted to go to Bucharest and check those post Ceausescu buildings, especially that huge white architectural masterpiece, I forgot the name if that building but it looks amazing.
Pretty nice Coolsteel. Totally original and sort of don't give f*ck vibe. Did you try it with white v neck tshirt and baseball cap.
What wash is that? Those Thavar jeans look very similar to the one I'm wearing today, evens ark gray tags look the same.
Nice nice. You should take pic with more light in your room but they look very cool.
Thanks for pics guys. Now I'm stuck between 8880m and 880i. I like the fact 880i doesn't have distressed thing on the knee like 8880m but 8880m fits tighter on the waist which is good thing in my case. I don't like when jeans stretch too much in the waist. I will be moving from Connecticut to Miami in less than a year so I'm trying to buy some decent summer washes. I will be wearing my Diesel jeans even in 100F degree weather with high humidity How 880i fits? Do they...
880l looks awesome too but I won't be able to find them online in 33x32. There is only one pair on eBay but much smaller size. What do you mean by crackin jeans? They are too low rise ? I noticed you sold your 8880m in 32x32. You didn't like them?
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