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I'm sort of worring my normal size will be too tight in calves on 845f.
Which jeans are you referring to? Tepphar 845F?I think I will order them today.I will size one up on them - I don't want them to look like leggings.
Do you know how they run and how fabric feels. Is it thin?I'm guessing you didn't try them on.
Did anyone try on Thavar 842H from spring/summer collection? I'm wondering how they run.
I'm wondering how Tepphar 845F run. I think I should size one up. I don't want them to look like leggings.
I like 845F. Very nice summer wash.
They look nice on you Art. Do you size up on sleenker comparing them to Thavar cut?
I like that style but it will be out faster you think.
Ok thanks
I like how they look in the first pics. 2nd pair reminds me a little bit of safado cut, especially from knees down. Have you tryed 27 in 853e or it would be too tight in waist? What is your size in Thavar jeans?
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