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DC, like zdenal_cz already mentioned, check sleenker 88Z6. They look pretty nice in pics. I also would be hesitant to do knee rips on $600 jeans, I would probably screw this up. You can go to a GOOD tailor and tell him what you want and I'm sure he/she will be able to deliver.
Yes I'm actually thinking about buying jeans 5. frame l'homme have a few different cuts from straight legs to skinny and some in between. Thanks for all the info Phukette.
@phukette, I'm thinking about buying blk dmn. I know they are pretty nice, my friend have a couple of pairs. I think diesel will release a couple of simple washes in February. @denim collector, they look awesome. What size are they? They look super long.
Well, I was looking for a simple washes which they were but the quality of the jeans were just below what I used to and what I was expecting. I got 4 different pairs - fit was good but they just felt cheap to me. I returned them and I will probably get one pair of Dsquared2 jeans + $ or 2 pairs of diesel from new/upcoming collection.
Nudie in my opinion are just ok, nothing special. They are not close to dsquared2 and diesel when it comes to the quality. I ordered 4 different pairs of Nudie jeans a few weeks ago and I was quite disappointed - I returned all of them.
You too Levislad and everyone else!
No problem mate. This particular pair don't have "made in.." on tag below Indian head. I've seen a few pairs of this safado wash and they are exactly the same as pics you uploaded - coin pocket logo is against black exactly like in your pics, seams are correct and everything else looks 100% authentic.
Kobe, based on the pics you provided they are 100% authentic. And btw safado 0rz42 are pretty nice jeans.
sleenker is lower than Thavar?
They look pretty cool on those pics on diesel.com but I've also seen pics of them on other webpages that looked pretty bad. Not too many people are actually familiar with this pair of D-Tepphar jeans.
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