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Cool write ups. Rock-n-roll style is cool. I like some of the pieces but that style has been already done so many times. And to be honest DBG start to look too much like John Richmond lines from a few years back. what do you guys think?
How exactly buster cut fits. They are more straight not as skinny as thavar and more high rise? Are they as baggy as safado?
When it comes to zara, they have nice button down shirts. Suits and blazers are well made too. I would avoid jackets and as someone already said jeans. Zara clothes run pretty small. I can't sqeeze in some of their XL jackets.
I'm looking for Thavar 8880m or Thavar 0825M in 33x32.
Did you check what it says on the label that is sewn to the jeans? Someone said that this wash is on the slim side. I'm wondering if that's the case. So the kid, what do you think, you going to get them? 880i is too think for the summer and I heard they are very uncomfortable.
Did you try to look for them at other websites? Btw. Yeah they are expensive but quslity of Dsquared2 jeans are way better than diesel.
I know some people like that cut, I have nothing against that.
Thavar 826D Are pretty nice too. I like them.
Then it comes to belther, I mean how back pickets are positioned, upper seams above the pockets, diagonal belt loops on the back, and also how front pocket are structured. I don't think belther will age nicely. But it's just my opinion. Sometimes less is more.
I think I prefere thavar. I'm not too crazy about belther cut. I feel like they are going to age pretty soon and next year they will look out of style. Just my opinion. I think thavar is more classic cut. I'm wondering how thick is 839g and if it will be comfortable to wear it in the hot weather.
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