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I really like those Tepphar 820Q. It's a good color for summer even they are from fall/winter collection. Wondering hoe they fit and how thick is the fabric. Tepphar cut is similar to Thavar?
Huh? I thought 818V and 818V is the same wash . I want Thavar 818V in light blue version
I checked pics on dirtynewage blog of BELTHER 818V and THAVAR 818V and the wash looks complete different. Belther seems light blue while Thavar are dark blue. It's probably the lighting but I'm wondering which pics are more accurate. I know the person who started dirtynewage hangs around here.
Damn. Just saw pictures of 818V wash and I love it. Im also looking for thavar 818V. Does anyone know what's the price range. I hope they will be available at diesel US online store soon. This wash seem perfect for the summer - not too overfaded like most Diesel summer washes.
Well they are both slim cuts but they are so different in my opinion.Wondering when Belther 818v will be available in US.Anyone saw 818v wash in person? Does it look like in the picture a couple pages backor is it photoshoped?
damn I really like Belther 818v (the grayish wash)!! I hope those pics are not photoshoped. I'm wondering how Belther fit. It's a cut like thavar or more like shioner?
great, thanks for the info. Im actually between w32 and 33. Dunno If I should size down and go with 32. I really hope I will be able to find them online :]  
I really like those Thavar 880i. Perfect wash for the summer. Do they run small competing to other Thavars? I really hope I will be able to find online (in the USA).
Those Thavar 880i look awesome. Just checked some pics online and the wash is so cool for the summer. Are they from summer 2013 collection? I would like to buy them but I can't find anything available online. I'm in the US. Need 33x32 or 32x 32. Do they run pretty small or true to the size?
What size is that ring? It's a signature ring with Indian with a mohawk? Silver and black? Don't delete this thread yet.
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