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I've seen some photos from New York Fashion Week. I think you can see better pics than those on GQ by googling it. I think it is a great collection. Some pieces look really promising
I also think off white jeans are better choice. Can you guys recommend me off white in thavar cut? Freddie Mercury is a legend. One day I will try to mimic his style, I will pair white of off white jeans with white tank top, ray ban aviator sunglasses and go on the town to see reactions. Oh, by the way I will grow mustache too.
I like 2nd one. They look similar to diesel thavar cut + they look off-white.
This looks pretty ridiculous ... even in the 80s. White jeans never go well with black leather jacket. But I think it would look decent with navy or gray blazer and light tshirt.
Yes, 820q is very nice. I wish that wash was available in thavar instead of tepphar
Hi guys, So I will be moving to Miami soon and I think I will get some diesel white jeans. What would you guys recommend any specific wash? and what do you think about wearing white or off white jeans? My girl friends (not girlfriends said white jeans look very feminine on guys and that they should be left only for girls. but What do they know. Freddie Mercury rocking white jeans, However I don't want to look too much like Freddy Mercury with all due respect to...
I think those white jeans are from last year spring/summer collection but can anyone identify wash code?
http://m.asos.com/mt/us.asos.com/Diesel-Jeans-Thavar/10yjub/?iid=3267368&r=1&mk=na&mporgp=Lw..&un_jtt_redirect# Anyone?
Btw. I noticed 886b were sort of baggy on the runway. I remember it looked like diesel models had a lot of room. I think that's the way they should fit. A little on the loose side.
I did but please remember it all depends on specific wash. Some thavar jeans are much tighter than other especially in waist. My usual size is 33x32. I have thavar 886b in 33x32 and thavar 801c in same size but there is a big difference when it comes to waist size. I have a lot of room in Thavar 886b while 801c are quite tight in waist. What wash you were referring to?
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