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Looks great. What do you mean by saying 880i are bit heavy? Are they too warm for summer weather? I'm about to get either Thavar-a (light gray from FW 14/15 collection) or Thavar 880i.
Audit30, Can you post some pics of thavar 880i, including fit pics?
Will do. I think they are still getting some new stuff from new collection. I hope they will bring that denim jacket soon. I'll check with them next week.
Usually they fit pretty slim like diesel jackets. I was at Zara a few days ago but they didn't have that jacket. I think they will bring it soon. I'm planing to buy it.
Which jeans will you be wearing with this jacket? I sort of like this Zara denim jacket, http://www.zara.com/us/en/man/jackets/denim-plush-jacket-c496501p2129211.html
That jacket looks cool
That's sucks. I don't see anything I really like maybe SLEENKER 0829I but they don't have my size anyway.
Yup, the jeans I want to buy are excluded in this promotion again.
What about jogg jeans?
SHIPPING20 doesn't work on jeans i want to buy :( It's weird because after I enter it and press process price doesn't change and that window where I can enter coupon code disappears. I try doing that with different browsers.
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