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880l looks awesome too but I won't be able to find them online in 33x32. There is only one pair on eBay but much smaller size. What do you mean by crackin jeans? They are too low rise ? I noticed you sold your 8880m in 32x32. You didn't like them?
I will be buying some summer washes and I think I will start with Thavar 8880m. Usually I wear 33x32 in Thavar jeans. I could go with 32x32 but jeans legs will be very tight so Im wondering how  Thavar 8880m fits and if it stretches in the waist a lot. I know it's a thin denim.   I don't know why most of Thavar jeans have quite roomy waist and tight legs. I noticed that recently when i was going through my Thavar jeans collection. 
That's a good thing.
But it's much thiner than 801a since as I remember 811p is a summer wash?
Yeah that why I think it would be much better if waist didn't stretch as all just legs. I actually buy my regular size but then waist stretches and it's not the same. After washing jeans they feel the best but only for a couple of days and then waist again stretches and I'm not fan of it. Sizing down wouldn't work for me in most of thavar jeans because they would be skintight in the legs. I'm 6'1" 186lb.
If they are exactly the same as thavar 886z get the size you usually wear. They are actually very comfy and they fit pretty cool. I have 886z. I wear them in the summer as well, the fabric is thin/medium.
I think diesel sizing is really a pain. When you get size that fit you perfectly after a few wears jeans stretch in the waist but if you size down, upper thighs are usually too tight. I like the fact they stretch a little bit on the legs but not in the waist. I have many thavar jeans they all stretch in the waist. I would actually prefere if they didn't stretch. What do you guys think ?
He was more of a scam artist than a businessman. He didn't pay a lot of people for their work. He was trying not to sign any contracts with more like a handshake sort of thing. He owned money to photographers, graphics artists and some people who were doing marketing for R&R. I own quite nice black tailored blazer from R&R I got for free from them in 42regular. If anyone wants it, let me know.
I wish they were not as yellow then I would consider buying them. I don't like yellow washes. Now I'm considering buying 8880m instead of 888p but I don't like that distressed part on the knee. I know I'm very picky :] "The jeans were $210 yesterday morning, now they are $245 ... that's bananas... Just because i told him I will buy from him for sure" if after contacting seller, he decides to increase the price of the item, completely ignore him and get the jeans from...
What's the difference between regular diesel jeans that are made, for example, with 95% cotton and 2% elastine and diesel jogg jeans?
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