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I think I will get them but are they black? http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p3117_Diesel-Black-Gold-Excess-NP-84P-Dark.html   They look blue to me. DBG Excess-NP 84P. 84P is the wash.
That's great, then I think I should go for 32. I think I'm around your size Phukette. I'm 6'1" / 186lb but I remember you got Safado 885r in 32x32 and they were perfect for you while way too small for me. Also, I think you bought shiner 801a? (the greyish wash) in 32x32 but I had to buy them in 33x32, there was no way I could wear 32x32, way too tight on my thighs. Phukette, what size you you got of those Excess-NP? zdenal, thanks for the info about sizing.
thanks guys! SO zdenal_cz: I'm usually 33x32 that means the DBG jeans will be 33x33 since waist is 33.  Thanks Weenie for the promo code. BTW. they actually look blue and not black on those pics.
I found those Excess-np in w33. http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p3117_Diesel-Black-Gold-Excess-NP-84P-Dark.html But I'm wondering about the lengh. It's not specified on the webpage. Is it 32? BTW. What do you guys think about Thavar 886z? How is 886z?
I'm 33x32 or 32x32 if they run big
I'm from the US. They look awesome. Wondering if they are available at the US online store.
I'm looking for a black diesel jeans for this fall. I'm planning to wear them with blue denim shirt or blue Levis denim jacket that I will taylor. I want thavar cut. I'm also wondering how is that black wash 886z of thavar from fall/winter 2013 season?
Shioner are usually more skinny than Thavar and Thanaz. I would go for Thavar if I were you.
Great.. they look pretty interesting. I like offwhite color and little black accents on back pockets. They seem perfect for the summer. I hope fabric doesn't feel cheap.
Can you take pics of tepphar 820Q. I'm really curious abouthow they fit and about the wash itself. I've saw a few photos but I think theywere photoshoped.
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