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Then probably not but price is similar.
Oh cool thanks mate, I think it's the same people selling it on eBay and that Dutch boutique.
I think it's for pre-f/w2015 which means they will be released in the summer. Probably in August.
Now when I'm thinking about it, I think it was $79 U.S. Dollars not $99. It was last year on yoox webpage. At the beginning they were around $170 then price slowly was dropped to 120 then I think it was $79 but it was only one pair left which was exactly my size 33x32 but at that time I thought I will wait for some nice Thavar in white.
Does anyone have Thavar 0831E? I'm wondering if this wash has holes or just distressed spots? I can get them pretty cheap on Dutch boutique website.
I didn't have chance to check outlet stores. I think I will email Diesel customer service and ask them about 8qu.I think sleenker will be too slim on me as I may be too athletic/built for that cut of jeans.Tepphar sounds good. I missed on Tepphar 820q I could get them in my size for only $99 but I waited too long and they sold out.
Maybe like someone said they will be released for spring / summer 2016 or perhaps they will release limited amount of 8qu which won't be available online but only in random diesel stores around the world in very limited amount.
I found 8qu in gray on eBay but they were released a couple of years ago.But,I don't see 8qu in different colors at any online stores selling new stuff from diesel collections.
No I can't find 8qu anywhere. It's strange they have it in the lookbook.
Ok thank
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