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Thanks dieselboy. I know there is also other version with eagle but I think the one with wolf is more bad ass. Can't wait for it to hit stores in US. I saw it on some Japanese website.
Wow I want it really badly!!!! When it will be out and what's the price range? Did you feel the fabric and do you have more images? Thank you DieselBoy
What's the name of that jacket?
Oh great, does it have different color on inside? I'm planning to move to Miami from Connecticut I hope I will be able to wear it there
I really like that red Venice jacket with wolf. What is it made off? Is it leather? Any other colors of this jacket?
so many good washes. They improved comparing to Spring/Summer 14 collection. I hope there will be also some clean washes I could wear  to work with button down shirts.
Im also in CT. It was crazy winter!!!
It depends to the wash. Not all Thavar are the same. I think 886b runs a little bit bigger in waist that other Thavars I have but about the same in thighs. I would say do not size up in 886b.
I would say stay with your usual size. In my opinion thavar 886b have a little more room in W (I got them in 33w) then my other Thavars but not much. They are pretty tight in legs but those jeans are very comfy!
I just got them back, http://i.imgur.com/RZEfBpah.jpg http://i.imgur.com/S06dBAUh.jpg I think they did an ok job. They did nicer stitching job from my Zathan jeans long time ago, however, they ( thavar 886B ) seem more solid now. What do you guys think?
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