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That's correct and also denim itself is pretty thick so they will be probably very warm and uncomfortable in warm weather.
Thanks for the advise mate.
I love thavar 842b. I will be buying white thavar jeans. Do you guys think 847E in white looks feminine? I think I would prefere 8qu, I Like contrast stitching.
Yes, that's thavar 8qu.
That's pretty close my friend but I'm 33w Someone said Diesel is releasing 008qu again this season. check a few pages back there is pic of 008qu.the pic you posted looked like 008qu but with different stitching. A couple of seasons ago Diesel re-released 0886z however they had different color stitching so you never know. It was just my guess.
Damn Im looking for this thavar. How is thickness? It's 008qu in white wash.
I think 839n is the same as 839g (light blue) but it's a gray version. Thavar 839g are on sale for only $139.
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