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Ghost, http://m.ebay.de/itm/381050659505 I think it's pretty good price, German seller. I'm not sure what size you need. This one is Large.
Yes I did. Just measured my chest - it's 45 inches. My waist is 33. I'm around 186 lb. I think I should go with XL. I tried some blazers in Zara - 42" is too small while 44" fits me perfectly.
I'm glad you will get your money back. When it comes to this webpage it does look fake. A lot of fake pages use easily searchable URLs. I saw a lot of fake webpages with similar URLs to jeans-sale.org Also, they always try to mimic design of legit webpages in colors and layout. Please notice they use typical diesel colors on their webpage, black, red logo in the left top corner, pictures are ripped from,I think, diesel webpage as well. And There are a lot of typos on the...
I'm sort of confused about sizing. I read on that webpage that people who are 190cm and 195cm getting XL but they are around 88kg so I'm questing pretty skinny for that height. On diesel page there is a model who is 180cm and is wearing L which fit dim pretty tight and it says that jacket fit true to size - get you normal size. I'm 186cm so I'm not sure if I should go for L or XL. Which size you are getting? Did you try that jacket at the store? Cheers man and thanks for...
Levislad has them! Ask him if his pair has same imperfection on the inside.
I will be probably buying thavar 8880m. How much do you charge for shipment to east coast US, Connecticut?
What Thanaz are those exactly?
Your credit card should get you your money back. And this webpage looks fake as hell. Always research before buying anything for iffy websites.
I think someone from this forum already bought this jacket, I remember someone mentioning about that but I can't find that thread. ghost, Can you please post link to those comments, I would like to read them :] When you are planing to buy this jacket? I found them for $250 on ebay, I'm not sure if we should wait a little longer - perhaps they will be even less expensive? And then it comes to Diesel jacket sizes, I'm sort of confused. I rarely buy Diesel Jackets but around...
Do you ship to US?
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