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I'm questing he doesn't like the style and he think they are fake. Not all diesel jeans are high quality but it doesn't mean they are fake. Hcavid, Jogg jeans (thavar) are skinny jeans but always size one down while buying Jogg as most of them run pretty big. It doesn't make any sense to argue, let's talk how it can be solved? Maybe you can find some time to send them back and get your money?
Hcavid, did you try to get 150 C$ From him and at the same keep jeans? If so that's messed up. If you didn't like jeans you should send them back. Please remember that a lot of times diesel jeans look different in real than in photos. It depends on lighting, they will look different inside vs. outside in the sun.
Yeah, I hear you but can you specify exactly why you think they are fake and did you talk with jpr_clothing about that; if so what did they say?
How do you know they are fake? Can you take some pics to prove it? A lot of people were buying from him and I never heard any complains. I'm actually thinking about getting thavar 8880m but now I'm a little bit hesitant.
I wouldn't order from that website. It looks quite suspicious.
He probably don't have time for that which is understandable. Maybe he could let Phukette run this site?
My opinion, Yeah they do look too much like leggings. If they are tight in the waist you could size up and see if then won't be too loose in the waist. I don't own any sleeker jeans so I'm not sure how much they will stretch, all I know they will stretch like all diesel jeans but I'm not sure how much. Do you like them that tight? They look a little too tight in my opinion.
I ordered Diesel Jurvi jacket in XL. I hope it won't be too small. I'm 6'1" / 186 lb. Btw, that's a very cool jersey. Those Yohi Yamamoto jerseys are pretty sick. I should get one but Chelsea ~
What size did you get on this jacket? Did you have to size up ? I know diesel jackets run pretty small.
I actually need some voodoo spells
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