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I bought many things from amazon and I never had any problems. I was always happy with my purchases but I had to return persol sunglasses which were too big for my face. I ordered wrong size so it was my mistake. I got full refund so no prob with that.
TheKid, I was about to buy 880i but I went with 801c. Is 880i a thick denim? I remember someone said 880i is quite thick and wouldn't be comfy in hot climate. I will be moving to Miami so I want to get a few light washes but I don't think 880i would be good idea. Did you see thavar 831e? I think they look better than 8880m.
I was on the cell phone and I missed it. Now I'm wondering how they fit.
Ok but exactly what wash is that? It's not 8880m.
Those white thavar look quite nice. http://www.lyst.com/clothing/diesel-white-thavar What wash is that? I think they are from last year spring/summer collection. I remember seeing them on diesel.com
http://www.brother2brother.co.uk/clothing-c18/jeans-c3/skinny-fit-jeans-c44/diesel-thavar-light-blue-white-skinny-jeans-p2985 They look similar to 8880m
I actually like the 1st one but it looks like they saturated colors in the 1st link. I'm sure someone on this forum owns them and can confirm the actual color.
Please remember that most of the washes looks totally different when looking at them inside vs outside in the natural light.
I think I will get 833j but blueeyecon quality went down. They don't seem the same however I didn't see 833j in person yet. How do they fit you? Judging from the pics they look slightly lighter than 801c. I noticed 801c are much more low rise than any other thavars I tried. They are quite tight in waist and thighs and a little loose in caves. Btw there was one seller from Australia who had brand new 801c for only $106usd but I waited too long and he took them out from ebay.
    BTW, I got 33x32, I'm 6'1". 
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