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Perhaps you could remove some of them.
886b in 32x34 but return is not accepted http://m.ebay.com/itm/251470306504?nav=SEARCH
I think Villa will win with Burnley at home and it's quite possible they can win with West Ham as lately they don't play to their full potential. I would park the bus with Southampton and Arsenal Btw, you are looking for gray jeans? Do you have 886b they have nice yellowish tint when sun hits them.
Tough season for them but I think they will be fine. Leicester City dropped 3 points to Chesea today so Villa is keeping their position. Match with Everton will be interesting - you never know with them they can be really good or simply horrible.... And Chelsea will probably be Champions on Sunday :]
Shlomi, thanks. 811p is pretty nice. TheKid, I've been supporting Chelsea FC since 1998 when they were middle of the table team. Who do you support? Oh and that short is from h&m, for only $29. I think it looks better in RL.
Thavar 811p from James - designer man / jpr_clothing on eBay. Highly recommended dealer.
Yes I love it. I will take pics today. I got not too over washed version which I'm really happy with.
Just got them in my normal size 33x32 and actually they fit me tight in the waist. Maybe they will stretch but I'm glad I bought my normal size.
I like his sweater (with teddy bear?)
I'm in 90% positive it's 830j but let's confirm this with someone else on this forum.
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