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Thavar 811p / Schott MA-1 bomber jacket
Damn, I wish they were regular Thavar jeans not shorts. That wash look like 8qu but with slightly lighter contrast stitching.
I'm w33 but couple of last thavar jeans I bought in that size fit more like 31. When I put them on top of 811p in 33 they look like they were 2 size smaller. That's why i decided to get 34 in Tepphar 845f. I think they got fine in that size. That pic actually don't show but they fit very close to the skin in calf area.They are very comfy so I think I will keep them.
I was looking at pics of 845f on diesel webpage again and it looks like totally different wash. I know they photoshop pics and use very bright light for pics but jeans are nothing like pics on their webpage. All the fading are totally different, in different spots on the legs. nikkob, so you are sending them back? Which other wash you will get instead?
just took some quick fit pics, btw, its bad lighting in this room.
They look nice but I have a feeling you won't like them because they look too plain. I think that wash is similar to 831e.I personally don't like whole bunch of rips on those thavars. They look as if someone got attacked by a cat. In my opinion those rips look way too random.
I tried them on. I think they fit good in 34. 33 would be probably too tight below the knee. They are extremely comfy. I think I will keep them.
Which Thavar?
I'm also disappointed as they look nothing like pics on desel webpage but if they fit me nice I will keep them.Did you try them on?
They feel a little bit rough/stiff. I'll take more pics when I get home in a few hours.
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