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So they run a little smaller than most thavar jeans. I think I will get my usual size which is 33x32.
How do they fit in waist .
Do they fit true to size, or comparing them to other thavar jeans.
They look very nice with this polo shirt
12euro is not that much. Take pics when you get them back.
What do you guys think about Thavar-a jeans? Diesel made a lot of different colors but I really like the one form latest collection - light gray and it seems they have minimal fading on the lap and upper thighs. Here is the link, http://m.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/diesel-jeans-thavar-slim-fit-in-grey?ID=1060811&PartnerID=LINKSHARE&cm_mmc=LINKSHARE-_-n-_-n-_-n&LinkshareID=J84DHJLQkR4-iTU5VmZl0qrJKSb2vRlmYA&cookieCheck=true I'm wondering how accurate is this photo and...
I didn't know you can enlarge jeans. How much your Tailor is charging?
Nice wash but back pockets look too old school.
Looks great. What do you mean by saying 880i are bit heavy? Are they too warm for summer weather? I'm about to get either Thavar-a (light gray from FW 14/15 collection) or Thavar 880i.
Audit30, Can you post some pics of thavar 880i, including fit pics?
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