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I think someone from this forum already bought this jacket, I remember someone mentioning about that but I can't find that thread. ghost, Can you please post link to those comments, I would like to read them :] When you are planing to buy this jacket? I found them for $250 on ebay, I'm not sure if we should wait a little longer - perhaps they will be even less expensive? And then it comes to Diesel jacket sizes, I'm sort of confused. I rarely buy Diesel Jackets but around...
Do you ship to US?
Does anyone of you guys have Diesel JURVI JACKET? Is so how it feels and how thick it is? Can it be worn in the spring too in around 20 Celsius with tshirt under it? I'm 6'1", 185lb, built but not too huge. My chest is 44" or more, I have to measure it again. Should I get L or XL?
At the beginning I was skeptical when it comes to new collection but after I saw some of the pieces I actually like it. I like THAVAR 0663E, some if the sweatshirts and jackets are quite nice. Hopefully there will be more new pieces available soon.
Exactly. btw. Another dark wash. Will there be any light washes this season?
Oh no, zip back pockets are back... ?
Levislad, I think there will be. Some of those washes are now available online and they are pretty expensive. I actually sort of like 837G, clean and classic dark wash but to me it looks like fall/winter wash. Dunno how thin is that denim. Nothing special yet but I hope there will be at least one amazing wash this season that I will really like.
What wash is in the middle, to the left of 882R.
yup, that makes sense.
Thanks guys. I notice they have thavar 888m on their website for $245us dollars after conversion including shipping to United States while on ebay they would cost me &270.
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