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I like pics of Thavar 843S Denim addict posted. I can actually get those jeans for only around $160usd but at the moment I'm looking for more summer washes. When it comes to thavar 839n I bought. They are extremely comfortable ( 2% spandex). They feel very soft and fit is impeccable, they are just perfect in the waist. When it comes to the wash, those pics didn't turn out too good as I was taking them at night with my TV lightning the room.
Thavar 839n (Fall/Winter 2015)
I'm sure eventually you will be able to get them on eBay.
Oh ok. It's only for spring/summer collection.
Will this also include USA diesel store?
Totally, jeans were $198 and it dropped to $170 including tax. if you get something more expensive you can save a lot.
I recieved it after I registered as a customer but I noticed other people from diferent forum can use it as well. I think it's only for fall/winter items / new arrivals. Shipping is free as well. Yesterday I ordered thavar 839n (fall/winter) and price dropped to $160 but then they hit me with tax
diesel.com 15% off. Code: welcome15
Aleg is right.This is not 839g. It's totally diferent wash
How 839n feels like? I'm wondering if it's not too thick so I could wear it in the summer. I'm thinking about ordering thavar 839nEDIT I will sent you PM.
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