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Where I live Saks Fifth Avenue has only thavar, tepphar, sleenker cuts. They always have stuff from new collections pretty early. But I didn't see there any safado jeans for a couple of years now. I noticed Macy's sells conservative clothes. In other words, they pretty much stuck in the 90's.
Yup but I'm guessing they are from older collections. I noticed that in non high end stores they always have more safado and even viker but if you go to Neiman Markus or Saks Fifth Avenue they always have more tepphar or thavar jeans. I guess they want to stay more trendy. But in my opinion it depends on the store, and location.
I think Safado is slowly fading away. There were a few washes last season but I think it will be less of them as diesel is introducing new cuts. I'm wondering why they decided to re-release 8qu, was it a good seller?
Yup 008qu comes in a few washes but I thought jeans above were different wash.. In that image they look more like 820q. So it's basically another recycled wash.
Hmmm. Are you sure they are 008qu????Those are thavar 008qu and they look quite different:http://store.diesel.com/gb/skinny_cod42224142kd.html
Looks awesome. I love all those thavar washes including THAVAR 008QU which looks like summer off white wash ? I also like that wolf jacket !!!
why can't we just get along?
Very cool outfit.
They look nice. Is 30 your usual size ? Why would u want to go for 31. They would be way too big for you. As a matter of fact I think they look a little loose. They will also stretch after a few wears.
Thanks mate. I'll check those washes.
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