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Inspired by Kavinsky.
High end companies are still making their garnets domestically. But I'm not sure if we can name Diesel a higher end company. I know marketing companies are very expensive but I think quality of the product is very important. Just my thoughts.
I agree most jogg jeans are overpriced and they don't hold their shape like other jeans. People buy them because they are comfy but they don't look good after they loose their shape. Diesel is charging ridiculus amount of money bcause they can. It's all about profit now, let's make them oversee where labor is dirt cheap and sell them for maximum we can get. In my opinion there is nothing better than jeans made in Italy.
M is 40 L is 42 XL is 44 I would go with large but can someone confirm this.
Yup those retro sneakers look sweet.Adidas Superstar are back in style big time too.
NoNo, I can't find them anywhere.
Yeah I think so.They were advertised in Prefall 2015 lookbook so I'm guessing they should be available soon.
Do you guys know when thavar 008qu (white wash with dark contrast stitching) will be available?
Unfortunately US diesel store carry thavar-0847e only in blue and beige colors. White is unavailable.But they will be probably available in Asos, Ssense and other online stores.
What's names of washes and cuts?
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