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Don't order from this webpage. It's scam!
I'm selling Shioner 801A 33x32 in good condition. http://m.ebay.com/itm/DIESEL-Shioner-801A-33x32-Authentic-made-in-Italy-skinny-jeans-/231670284587?nav=SELLING_ACTIVE
I think Diesel are more popular in Europe. If you go to Italy you will see more people wearing Diesel than Levi's jeans. diesel is also pretty popular in Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, also in Netherlands but not as popular as G-Star jeans.
Welcome back levislad. I was wondering what's going on with you.
I like that light blue wash but I think it's because it pretty hot at the moment where I live so they would be perfect for that kind of weather. If you live in colder climate I would go for pair on the right side. Are they Thavar jeans? I think they are both nice washes.
Now when I'm looking closely, I actually like both of them. Both washes look so diferent. I'm wondering if holes on 825m will get bigger with time. When it comes to yoox, perhaps they keep their stuff is some warehouse without air conditioning but it's just my guess. Let's hear from someone who actually bought a lot of stuff from yoox and have better idea.
Thanks Alehandro.
These 2 companies came to my mind as they were more popular in U.S. a few years ago.
I think they will do both. At the moment they have variety of both simple washes and crazy ass jeans with patches all over them. I think they won't be focusing only on one area as they want to reach different ages and diferent demographics groups. Diesel is pretty old brand and I don't see them fading away as newer brands like True Religion or Seven of all man kind.
Yup but I noticed light jeans are in style now. Designers will be releasing more light washes for 2016. I didn't see many dark washes / raw jeans. White jeans will be also popular in 2016.
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