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Same here I actually think 837e looks pretty cool but as I said I'm not sure if it's good wash for the spring/summer.
Those washes look more like fall/winter collection. I hope there will be some light washes as well.
Just noticed all diesel jeans on that website are very inexpensive. That seems pretty suspicious.
I just checked http://www.generation-jeans.com reviews and it has some decent score + there were a lot of reviews. I'm guessing it's a French webpage? Can you contact them and ask some questions about those jeans? If they don't respond don't bother. But I must admit that's freaking inexpensive So I understand your concern.
Thank you
Can someone please identify this wash, http://mobile.yoox.com/us/42370415AA/item?dept=denimmen#sts=SearchResult&cod10=42370415AA
Don't size down. I'm my opinion they run a little small.
In my opinion, in general, DSQUARED2 jeans fit much better than Diesel but they are much more expensive. It also depends on the body shape and cut of the jeans. But I think in general DSQUARED2 jeans fit better.
886b after they stretched in the waist.     
8880m has lyocell. It's a very nice summer wash. I will be buying one pretty soon so I can let you know how they fit exactly.
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