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Yup, the jeans I want to buy are excluded in this promotion again.
What about jogg jeans?
SHIPPING20 doesn't work on jeans i want to buy :( It's weird because after I enter it and press process price doesn't change and that window where I can enter coupon code disappears. I try doing that with different browsers.
Thank you. This is very helpful.
Did you washed them? If you do try warm/hot water and I think they will shrink but after a few wears they will stretch again. I feel your pain, I think diesel jeans stretch too much.
I have 15" calves. Just checked.
What siZe are those Tepphars and how tall you are.
Thanks Phukette, you didn't confuse me. I know 801a runs very small. I just don't want those Teppher 820Q look like leggings on me. I saw some pics of some people wearing them and it sort of scares me how they fit them, they were almost skintight which I think looks too feminine but they look great on your photos. It seems you still have a little room in calfs.
Thank you. Yes I also could go with 34x32 on 801a since I got a little bigger and now 33x32 is very tight but I think they will stretch a little. I actually hardly wear them.
Thank you Phukette. What size did you get on those tepphar 32x32? I don't want them to be skintight on me in the calf area. I have pretty slim legs but for example my shioner 801a which I have in 33x32 is very tight on me while it looks kinda loose on you Phukette and you have them in 32x32 as you mentioned.
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