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I think that's store at Lexington Ave?
How do they fit and how this wash looks like in real. It has 2% spandex so I'm wondering how it would feel during hot weather.
I'm looking for thavar 8880m or 880i in 33x32. Unfortunately James ( http://www.designer-man.co.uk ) run out of 8880m in that size. Anyone?
Oh ok. Yeah there is that diagonal seem that is present in all thavar jeans and I think it's missing in the pic posted by Shalomi.
Wash looks like close to 8880m but without rips.
Authentic 886b
Jeanetic, they are 100% fake. Even thavar cut is inaccurate. I actually have 886b and those jeans in pics slomi posted scream fake.
What about this light wash, http://www.lyst.com/clothing/diesel-jeans-pap-thavar-pant-blue/
Thank you
Fake as hell, not even close to 886b.
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