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Very cool outfit.
They look nice. Is 30 your usual size ? Why would u want to go for 31. They would be way too big for you. As a matter of fact I think they look a little loose. They will also stretch after a few wears.
Thanks mate. I'll check those washes.
Oh damn, I'm not sure if I will want to go that skinny on light color jeans. It may look too tight and too feminine.
How is fit on that Type cut? Can you describe it? They look like slim straight cut. Not as tight on the calf as some older thavar jeans? I'm thinking about buying type 241, it's very light gray wash that will be excellent for summer. I hope the fabric is pretty thin. Too bad they added 2% spandex. Did you size down on those jeans?
is that 10% off on all purchases on eBay? I'm thinking about buying ma-1 jacket.
That's a good thing. I think they are slightly higher rise and not as slim as thavar jeans. I'm just guessing looking at pics on diesel webpage but they could be deceiving.I would love to see some fit pics.
Does anyone of you guys bought Type cut? I'm wondering how they fit comparing to thaver jeans. I like Type-252 wash. They look more like a straight cut but on the slim side.
Excellent. Good fit too. I like how they look like. Fading is not extreme. What I don't like in some of diesel washes is big contrast in fading - In my opinion it looks cheap and reminds me Abercrombie and Fitch washes from early 2000.
Yup they look pretty cool I must admit. Not as extreme as other thavar 811p I've seen. I bet they look even better outside in the sun. Post fit pics.
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