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Excellent. Good fit too. I like how they look like. Fading is not extreme. What I don't like in some of diesel washes is big contrast in fading - In my opinion it looks cheap and reminds me Abercrombie and Fitch washes from early 2000.
Yup they look pretty cool I must admit. Not as extreme as other thavar 811p I've seen. I bet they look even better outside in the sun. Post fit pics.
I always thought that fading was too much. The contrast between blue and light blue is too much in the pics that I saw which in my opinion makes those jeans look cheap. It's just my opinion I may be wrong. I wish the contrast wasn't that big. The fading on the knee part looks too much, no?
They are very nice looking animals but you don't want to have one as a pet )) They are not as tame as they look like + you don't want to get bitten by one :]
Nice dog.I was thinking about African Serval Cats, coatimundis and RingTail Lemurs to star with.I would have to microchip all my animals.
I never got into cooking. I always get nervous in the kitchen. I'm into demoscene, working out, reading, love watching football - premier league, champions league, FA cup etc., Last year I was trying to open mini zoo with exotic animals but I didn't get permits from the city
Putting jeans into freezer is ridiculous, I think it was discussed here long time ago. It actually doesn't do much. You can go to dry wash, they will wash you jeans, where I live it costa around $8. When I wash my jeans in washing Machine I always turn them inside out so that way color won't take too much beating + cold water.
I wear a lot of black but I also like a nice contrast between black and white. White shirts look quite nice under that jacket but unfortunately this jacket stains them. Happy New Year... It's only 6:34pm where I live. Still 2014 for me
I decided to file a complain about jacket staining light color shirts to Diesel company. It's totally unacceptable. It actually ruined my one dress shirt - the stains didn't came off after I washed it. Now I noticed another shirt with orange stains I can't return it because I took off all the tags.
Excellent, jeans and blazer fit you great.Maybe tuck in that shirt?
New Posts  All Forums: