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I know, I've been to those stores many times as I lived 35min from Manhattan and I must say those department stores are pretty lame. They always pick more conservative stuff from each collection. Diesel is also my fav brand of jeans - l-gordias is a sick jacket. I've seen them for a good price at eBay.
The department stores you mentioned always pick simple washes from each collection because they sell faster than over washes / distressed jeans. But designers like Dsquared, balmain jeans, rag & bones and of course diesel will follow trends and make those ripped / over washes jeans. Now raw jeans seem out of style. I noticed nudie started to make more distress washes but I'm not sure if they will be successful at that. I think in a few years Nudie jeans will be like Rock...
Welcome back mate, Those Tepphar look perfect, you don't want them too tight. What wash are they?
Raw jeans are slowly fading out. They were really in 2 years ago but now they are not trendy at all.A year or two you could see them on catwalks in Millan or New Yourk but most of us are pretty slow with catching up with new trends.I've been looking for a cool white Diesel thavar jeans for a year now. Next summer white and light blue jeans will be huge.Also it seems ripped / faded / distressed jeans will be "new raw"Quotes from GQ"Jeans are more distressed than ever.Good...
I will check if flag is missing on Tepphar 845f, but I think it was there. I actually don't care if there is Italian MII flag or not.
Actually 845F wash doesn't look anything like in those pics. They are not as yellow and they are slightly more dark. I have those Tepphar jeans. last Monday I was able to see whole bunch of them at the store to compare to pair I bought at diesel.com
I think you will be able to find pics of Thavar 839n on this forum. Pics I uploaded here a few weeks ago turned kinda yellow for some reason. Just do search for Thavar 839n. I didn't washed them yet. They stretched just slightly, not much. They are 98% cotton and 2% spandex so they keep their shape pretty well. Fabric is quite thin and soft. Jeans feel very light and comfy.
I have thavar 839N and they run true to size but that's is Thavar cut. I'm not 100% sure but I think you should stick to your regular size. Maybe someone else can give you advise on Tepphar 839N
Comparing to Thavar, Tepphar cut is more skinny in calfs and slightly looser in thighs. Which Thavar do you have and which Tepphar you will buy?
I think Nicola likes over the top / ripped stuff too just like Renzo. I'm not sure if Renzo has total creative control. But I must say, lately they toned down a little bit and you can find simple washes too.
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