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Great clean look. I like the contrast between jeans and white button down. It doesn't have to be matchy-matchy.
I still have 772 in 32L but strangely they are too short for me now. Thavar 801D Looks cool. I found your old fit pic. They look almost white. How do they run? Are they thin denim?
DC, what are code for those white jeans? I see you still have boot cut jeans?
That's 880m?
Can anyone please ID those thavar jeans, http://mobile.yoox.com/us/42447747LD/item#dept=clothingmen&sts=SearchResult&cod10=42447747LD
I got Thavar 838g but I will be sending them back. They run at least one size smaller. I got my regular size 33x32 and they fit more like 31x32. I can't even put them on, its crazy. What's pissing me off is how inaccurate info diesel webpage provides. They state they run true to size. Now I will have to ship them back to MenLook in France. But I really like that wash.
I think anyone who is slim can pull them off as long as you pair it with some simple top (white tshirt would be perfect).
I like them. Did you get them for a good price? I think they would look nice with light blue button shirt, brown shoes and brown belt. This color is tricky to style.
How do they run comparing to Thavar 8880m. Are they very tight in the calves?
I think people who like specific wash can eventually figure out the code so I woudnt call it pointless.
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