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I bought zanity 8SV when they came out but I was never too crazy about that wash. I think they look much better on pictures than in real. I remember the photos on ssense of zanity 8SV were amazing but when I got them I wasn't totally happy. I still have them but i only wear them when I'm going fishing
Damn, I want to get diesel jeans from yoox but now I'm worried. They are from old season and they are around $ 65 less that they were originally.
Yup it could be those crazy washes. That's why I probably won't be buying anything from fall/winter collection. Some of those washes look ridiculous, way over the top. Price is probably also a factor and diesel jeans are getting more expensive with every season.
What wash is that?
What D stands for?
That's a bad ass jacket, where did you get it and how much?
Just checks their page and nope it's not on jeans I want to buy.
It's not on diesel jeans?
I believe there is no rules when it comes to fashion. Saying everyone should have wardrobe containing key pieces like white short and pants for any occasion is nice but I think it all depends on ones personality how comfortable you feel wearing your clothes. I really appreciate Coolsteel creativity and even I never met him in person, I can tell by the way he combines different pieces he's laid back, very original and totally open minded person. Way to go, keep rocking.
That would be awesome Coolsteal. Bucharest seems to be such a magical city judging from the pics I saw online. Btw, I think I will get 880i but I will wait for new yoox codes
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