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phukette, you should grow beard like ipaul.
I think they would look good with black button down and also I think they look cool with a plain white t-shirt.
I actually like them. Nice summer wash.
I hope it won't be too thick / warm and I would be able to wear it in Florida with jeans and light tshirt.
Thanks for clarifying this. I Will definetely have to check that green bomber
YYes I know. I saw that pic. But look at the pic with the group of models all wearing green (post#278) a guy on the left is wearing green ma-1 bomber. I think it's the same jacket just different color. I don't think Diesel will have 2 diferent ma-1 bombers in that collection but I may be wrong. Cheers
ThThis ma-1 bomber looks awesome. I think there will all green version of this bomber.
Audit, that tshirt fits you perfect. Denim Collector, looks amazing. You should take some videos and post them on YouTube.
But how they fit competing to other thavar jeans. Are those measurement for 32x32??? Will they be comfortable to wear in the hot summer weather? Fit pics would be nice.
I agree sleenker is cut for someone with very skinny legs / chicken legs. If you want slim/skinny cut check out thavar.
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