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What? they should are same as 886z? I have 886z and pics on diesel webpage don't look anything like 886z. It look like they have different stitching and also wash looks different, it's not solid black. But pics on diesel webpage can lie.
I will probably get them so I'm wondering myself. Those thavar look pretty cool. I already have one solid black Thavar but I like contrast light gray stitching.
If not the patches I would like them
Usually pics on diesel webpage are way off, saturated colors, increased brightness and contrast. And when it comes to washes diesel is releasing lately, they should realize less is more. Those new washes look so cheap and sort of childish. And they increased prices of most of them.
Diesel is trying too much with those washes. They look so over the top it's not even funny. That safados above look terrible.
Thank you Levislad for the photos. They look really nice but I'm not crazy about holes/distressed parts. I think I will look into 8880m.
Thanks for the info mate. How big is that distressed detail on the knee ? I will be moving to Miami in a year so I'm trying to collect more light summer washes.
They fit great. Did you get your usual size or you went one size down? Are those holes or just small distressed details? How big they are,. Thank you
Congrats to both of you guys.
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