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Ugly as f*ck. Diesel needs to step up their game. I actually see less and less people wearing Diesel jeans.
That's great. How are those distress parts on legs.
What color are thavar 833j. Is some pics they are dark blue and in other pics they are very light. The difference between some of the images is so huge I can't believe it's the same wash.
How are those distressed details on 801c. Is there a hole on the knee? I'm not crazy about distressed jeans but as long as it's not too crazy I'm fine with it. I don't like rips on my thavar 886b.
Unfortunately I don't have 8x2 so I can't compare them. Does 8x2 run small or big? Or how 801c compares to 811p. I'm guessing 811p runs a little big and stretches a lot with wear.
I can buy 801c for only $111 usd + $20 shipping in 33x32
How they run in size comparing to thavar 886b which seem running big in waist.
thanks for letting me know. That wash is so nice.
Got it, 802H
Hi guys, what wash is that?
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