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Damn, where do you guys still find thavar 8X2 brand new?!
Great review and pics!
@Daaan those sneakers are dope!   @Dsense99 great wash and dig the jacket!
^^ Fantastic man!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's finally feeling like spring in NY!   Asos jacket Balmain T shirt Thanaz 8S9 Gucci sneakers    
 haha that's because they are very thin and don't feel like a quality pair. However the wash is nice. 
Damn, everyone looking good this weekend!     My lazy Sunday look:   Express long sleeve T shirt Thanaz 8PI PF Flyers sneakers  
Amazing outfits @leftvapor! That red jacket really goes well with that sweater!       I just wanted to show some jeans that I've had for a few years but never shown. Very basic but they are comfortable (I made the hole by the pocket bigger on accident). They are by Rich & Skinny. The cut was called strong straight. Sadly they only made a men's line for one season but they continue with only their woman's line. Anyway here's some pics.      
lazy Sunday   old ass American eagle V neck sweater Killer brand T shirt Darron 8MZ Clarks desert boots    
@zgdiesel thanks for the kind words man!
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