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Great pics man! Love the sneakers.
  Yes, they are easy to deal with. This is my 2nd time ordering from them and they were both fast. Free returns aswell. Not sure how long the sale will last though.  thanks man sweet! Ive never see you post pics with them on though :(  Gotta wait for sales man. I paid $331 bucks total. Basically a pair of Diesels. haha
Picked up these Saint Laurent low tops on the far fetch sale.  Perfect for summer    
 Love these!
 reminds me of my Balmain's
@Phukette sick outfit! What are the sneakers?     outfit today:   Burberry shirt Balmain T shirt Balmain jeans Saint Laurent sneakers    
 Fantastic fit and I'd love a saint laurent forum as well!
@denimaddict fantastic! I like the jacket, so clean.
  I don't think it looks horrible at all. I quite like the fit
Abercrombie shirt LNA T shirt Balmain jeans Clarks desert boots    
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