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  Nice! I have a pair of converse by john varvatos. They are great.
  Killer outfit! Those biker jeans are hot right now and very hard to find. They sell out fast!
@Aahz Sweet! How's the quality?
no Diesel today lol     Balmain T shirt Balmain Jeans Saint Laurent sneakers             (NOTE- the hole in the knee is making it bunch weird as you can see above. Also the white crap all over the deck is paint from paint balling lol )
 Not really. Thavar, thanaz and shioner are 18cm.
 Nice! Now you need to some Balmain denim to match!  :)
  Hows the fit/feel on the sneakers?
thanks, Hem is 18cm thanks! Not sure as I only tried on Dior's a couple of times but I sized down 2 sizes from my regular Diesel size.   Thank you to everyone else for the compliments!
Finally got a pair of Balmain jeans and they are the best jeans I have! They are a lot softer then Dior's and fit me better. I could never get Dior's to stack right but the Balmain's stacking amazing well for me. Sorry for the crappy pics. I'll get better ones this weekend. Anyway just wanted to share. So happy about this purchase. :)                 fit pics      
 The patches are horrible but what is the cut to the right? Those look awesome! Remind me of a pair of Saint Laurent's.
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