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@zgdiesel fantastic fit and wash! Love those.
 Thanks and yes, 15cm is their skinniest. They are not as skinny as tepphar and thank god for that because I cannot fit into tepphar. Tried them on once and my knees were protruding out of them! It was horrible! lol
Thanks guys! @Phukette they fit really good! I went with my normal Diesel size and happy with the fit. The denim is very thin and they are made with 2% elastane so they are very comfortable. I'll post better pics when I get the chance to wear them for real. haha
Just got these 15cm Saint Laurent jeans from ssense.              
Just got these Saint Laurent jeans from ssense. This is the 15cm cut. The wash is perfect for summer.                 
Love the sneakers @gloriouscafe
Balmain T shirt Balmain jeans Saint Laurent sneakers    
  Nice! Glad to see you wearing your Saint Laurent sneakers. I'll be wearing mine today as well. haha
Great pics man! Love the sneakers.
  Yes, they are easy to deal with. This is my 2nd time ordering from them and they were both fast. Free returns aswell. Not sure how long the sale will last though.  thanks man sweet! Ive never see you post pics with them on though :(  Gotta wait for sales man. I paid $331 bucks total. Basically a pair of Diesels. haha
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