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 reminds me of my Balmain's
@Phukette sick outfit! What are the sneakers?     outfit today:   Burberry shirt Balmain T shirt Balmain jeans Saint Laurent sneakers    
 Fantastic fit and I'd love a saint laurent forum as well!
@denimaddict fantastic! I like the jacket, so clean.
  I don't think it looks horrible at all. I quite like the fit
Abercrombie shirt LNA T shirt Balmain jeans Clarks desert boots    
  Great simple and clean outfit
  Welcome back and congrats! Great outfit. I like the shirt.
@Gruidl I think they look good but considering you have then rolled up they probably are too long. :/       my look today:   Abercrombie shirt (with messed up collar lol) Balmain T shirt Thavar 8X2 Clarks boat shoes    
  Nice! I have a pair of converse by john varvatos. They are great.
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