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I have Viker in 8D4 and they are so soft and stretchy.
I was wondering how these fit compaired to Thanaz? Thanks 
Hope I didn't come off rude or anything and I agree some older people can pull some youth looking clothing others can not. 
Those are Safado
I don't see anything wrong with someone over 25 wearing these. I'm 27 and my favorite Diesels are Safado in 73J. I wear them all the time! Besides  have confidence in what you're wearing and you can pull of anything. 
As soon as ASOS gets Thanaz in 8V8 I'm jumpin on those! That's an amazing wash!!
Dude, get them at ASOS!! They ship to the US!!
So you mean to tell us that since he's wearing a $200 pair of jeans means you have to wear $300 sneakers to go with it? If that's the case you better make sure you get a T-shirt from YSL and some $200 pair of boxers and socks!! LOL that's silly.
Not even Thanaz in 8V8?!
Hot! Hope those come to the states!!
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