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Here's the best I can do. lol    
Express T   Abercrombie and Finch button down   Shioner 8L6   Converse John Varvatos pro leather high top sneakers      
    Thanks guys! Shoes were $150 and they don't make them anymore however there is a newer version on them but they look different and they're not as cool.   Here's a closeup I snagged from google.     Here's a pic of the newer version that you can buy at converse's official website            
express T Thavar 8X2 Converse John Varvatos pro leather high tops  
Don't wash those 8X2's in the washer cause they will loose the pre stacking. Mine did :(   Topman T   Diesel B&G jeans  PF Flyers with patent leather tips  
Since you no longer carry my inseam I can no longer order from you.I'll miss your awesome boxes and little gifts you left me in my boxes. :( I guess it's either zappos or asos from now on.
  It's ok, this can be the show off your Shioner's thread! LOL and hell yeah we do!
Can't say yet as I only tried them on. Let me wear them a few times and I'll let you know. :)
Nice man! Awesome fit!
Yeah, I never even heard about this wash, it's freakin hot!! Perfect for fall!! Can't wait to see your pics!
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