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Nice! I think 8S9 is a way better wash then 8QQ. I love the green swirls!
Nice! I have Thanaz 8S9 and they are sick!!
Thanks, as do you
aeropostale T   A&F button down   Thanaz 8B9   Nike backboard sneakers    
White express T   J Crew button down   Disesl Black Gold jeans   Bass boots   Happy Friday everyone!! Out for the night!      
DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER!! IT SAYS THIS RIGHT ON THE TAG!! Hang them up and let them air dry!! Also, jeans should only be washed once every 6 months or longer, depending on how often you wear them. Washing destroys clothing.
itsinmyjeans, love your outfit today! I'll be rockin my khaki colored jeans more often once fall comes. Cannot wait for Fall!!
Here's the best I can do. lol    
Express T   Abercrombie and Finch button down   Shioner 8L6   Converse John Varvatos pro leather high top sneakers      
    Thanks guys! Shoes were $150 and they don't make them anymore however there is a newer version on them but they look different and they're not as cool.   Here's a closeup I snagged from google.     Here's a pic of the newer version that you can buy at converse's official website            
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