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Always wanted to try nudies.I wear raws for work since that where I spend most my time.
express T J crew waffle thermal shirt Diesel B&G jeans PF Flyers Albin- leather with patent leather tips  
I like the pockets but Viker is kinda meh fit wise on me lol  
Awesome! I have 8SV but in Viker. :(
Banana republic water proof jacket (it's been crazy raining here)   Express waffle long sleeved shirt   Thavar 8NE   Nike backboard walking sneakers    
remove this thread please
Is this jacket too big? I bought it last year and it's awesome but idk I feel like it's too big for me. So how do I look in it?          
^^^ nice outfits. I freakin love Burberry!!
Banana Republic sweater jacket Forty Seven brand Mets T Diesel BG jeans PF Flyers Albin sneakers    
I found this today. Don't know what sizes they had :(       http://www.bluefly.com/Diesel-vintage-wash-Thanaz-distressed-straight-leg-jeans/cat60004/309282001/detail.fly
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