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I saw last night that my washes I've been waiting for, Thavar 880G and Thanaz 8QP, came out on the diesel us online store and seriously, they're is sold out all lengths except 32?! WTF?! :(
Meh, 8S9 was a better
They're on sale for 50% off right now at Diesel.com!! I'm thinking about getting another pair! LOL
Thank you! I felt really good and confident wearing it. Got quite the few compliments from both men and women about the shirt. At one point this drunk girl kept petting my sleeve and told me it felt so good that she wanted to wrap herself up in it so needless to say I had a really great night. ;)
Burberry Brit shirt   Diesel black gold valiant   Bass boots  
Damn, that wash needs to come in thanaz or thavar!
Nice! I planned on getting Thavar 880G too! Btw, love your patent leather converse high tops!
braddom 881z is amazing! What kind of cut is braddom though?
They are def worth it!! I love mine! The wash is pretty sick in person! Now go get it!
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