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  It's funny all of you are saying this because a few years ago I wore safado. I bought another pair 2 years after the first safado and they were really baggy. I guess they change the cuts from time to time. I'm thinking about trying out sleenker but idk.  I'm might just find a different brand all together. :/
 I understand but my reply wasn't really towards you per say, it was more for someone who was curious about the fit that might happen to look at the thread.  Also, and not for nothing but for me, my legs are perfect for thavar,thanaz,shioner but  tepphar horribly way to tight for me.
So basically if your legs are too fat for tepphar then they are probably too fat for sleenker too. :(
  awesome wash! It's a shameful price though. Diesel is not $400+ dollar quality and lycocell is horrible!  8NE would be an amazing if it wasn't for that god awful lycocell. 
  Freakin killer outfit! Those boots are awesome! What are they? I was trying to find some nice boots yesterday but I couldn't find any that didn't make my shioners look like boot cuts. :(
 haha yeah man, it's nice. The dusting happened last night.  @Phukette cool outfit. I really need some grey jeans in my life.
For those in the states, Happy Thanksgiving!!     Express jacket Express long sleeve t shirt Thanaz 8S9 Clarks desert boots    
Asos Jacket Express long sleeved shirt Thanaz 8B9 Clarks desert boots      
Great buy @gloriouscafe!! I love my Saint Laurent's!!
Thanks guys! @toulouz great fit and love the wash on those!       lazy Sunday outfit:   Banana Republic jacket American eagle V neck Express T shirt Thavar 8X2 Aldo shoes    
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