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Just picked this Denim & Supply shirt from Macy's. Got if for 20 bucks!      
  amazing wash! Wish they made it in Thavar lol
chaser T shirt Thanaz 8PI Polo slip on sneakers      
@zdenal_cz classic wash. One of Diesel's best IMO. Great fit. What kind of shoes are those?
Thanks @Daaan   Sleenker fits you well! Cool shirt as well.
My little Saint Laurent collection    
Happy father's day to all the father on the board!     Balmain T shirt Saint Laurent jeans Saint Laurent sneakers      
@denimaddict cool jacket!
@zgdiesel fantastic fit and wash! Love those.
 Thanks and yes, 15cm is their skinniest. They are not as skinny as tepphar and thank god for that because I cannot fit into tepphar. Tried them on once and my knees were protruding out of them! It was horrible! lol
New Posts  All Forums: