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  Nice find!
 Yuip! Noticed that too.Also if you watched Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Heart was wearing SLP jeans, the ones @Nito just got, a SLP T shirt and I can only assume a SLP Blazer as well. It's threw me off cause he's usually dressed in Balmain and Givenchy. He looked good though.
  Are you implying  he ruined Nike? lol
  They look fantastic! How does the waist fit this season? 
 They'd stack even better if you put the leg opening over the tongue of the sneakers.
 I love it! Oh I love fashion as well.
 Awesome! coatimundis are cool! If I was going to get an exotic it would be a kinkajou.
I'm into all aspects of art minus drawing and painting. Love animals, I'm a reptile expert, gym rat and a foodie. :)
  How do they feel with that tall heel?
  Nice haul! I was looking at that apc flannel!
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