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^^ awesome pickups! :)
  Addicted huh? lol
Great fit on those sleenkers @Levislad!! Cool shirt as well.             Denim & supply shirt Balmain T shirt Balmain jeans Gucci sneakers      
Great fits @gloriouscafe and @denim addict!!     Burberry shirt Balmain T shirt Balmain jeans Saint Laurent sneakers      
 Very thick yet soft. Not rigid like you expect from 100% cotton. 
 I feel the same. Some bikers are cool but not for me. Too flashy.
Got another pair of Balmain jeans. These are even better then the first pair I got! They fit me perfectly.  Got them in the ssense sale                   on to fit pics    
They look amazing!
Ralph Lauren shirt Saint Laurent jeans Saint Laurent sneakers      
Diesel shirt LNA T shirt Thavar 8X2 Gucci high tops  
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