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 Sick wash! Looks like a mix of 8X2 and 888P!
 Thanks man! They are the 15cm cut.
 They look great!
  I have similar issues with SLP as well. In order for them to fit correctly I wouldn't be able to breathe. LOL  Here's some 19cm    
  haha good!
 Sick pickup!
 Sales bud. I wouldn't ever pay retail. End of the season sales at Ssense is where it's at!  I got them for $270!! They were originally $950.  I have a total of 3 pairs of Balmain's. All non bikers. Got them all on sale, within Diesel prices. @gloriouscafe would argue with this one but IMO, Balmain is beyond all other denim.
 Yup and Balmain NON bikers too you need to try. :)
thanks! They retailed for $770 and I paid about 100 bucks or so over retail.  Yeah man. People asking $1200- 2 grand for these! I was lucky and only paid 100 or so over retail.
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