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 Yup and Balmain NON bikers too you need to try. :)
thanks! They retailed for $770 and I paid about 100 bucks or so over retail.  Yeah man. People asking $1200- 2 grand for these! I was lucky and only paid 100 or so over retail.
Banana Republic coat Levi's sweater Balmain T shirt Balmain denim Bottega Veneta high desert boots (too much snow here to break out my new Bottega chesela's lol) Diesel socks? Still counts right? lol    
Just got these Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots off Ebay.  Been searching for them for 8 months. I am happy. :)    
 Oh wow. Glad to hear work is going well and What happened to all your diors? Not into them anymore? Great look!
 Fantastic!  Jeans and boots on point but I thought you were done with light washes? hehe
Holy crap! Welcome back @jeanatic!! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to and what your wardrobe looks like now!
Freakin awesome haul @gloriouscafe!!!!
  Nice find!
 Yuip! Noticed that too.Also if you watched Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Heart was wearing SLP jeans, the ones @Nito just got, a SLP T shirt and I can only assume a SLP Blazer as well. It's threw me off cause he's usually dressed in Balmain and Givenchy. He looked good though.
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