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 Thanks man! They are the 15cm cut.
 They look great!
  I have similar issues with SLP as well. In order for them to fit correctly I wouldn't be able to breathe. LOL  Here's some 19cm    
  haha good!
 Sick pickup!
 Sales bud. I wouldn't ever pay retail. End of the season sales at Ssense is where it's at!  I got them for $270!! They were originally $950.  I have a total of 3 pairs of Balmain's. All non bikers. Got them all on sale, within Diesel prices. @gloriouscafe would argue with this one but IMO, Balmain is beyond all other denim.
 Yup and Balmain NON bikers too you need to try. :)
thanks! They retailed for $770 and I paid about 100 bucks or so over retail.  Yeah man. People asking $1200- 2 grand for these! I was lucky and only paid 100 or so over retail.
Banana Republic coat Levi's sweater Balmain T shirt Balmain denim Bottega Veneta high desert boots (too much snow here to break out my new Bottega chesela's lol) Diesel socks? Still counts right? lol    
Just got these Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots off Ebay.  Been searching for them for 8 months. I am happy. :)    
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