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yes this appears to be an authentic "11" series some Chanel tips: Spot fake Louis Vuitton, Spot fake Chanel, Spot Fake Coach, Spot Fake Balenciaga and more
You would have to have clearer images of creed, hangtag, zippers, o-rings etc... some Coach tips: http://http://spotfakehandbags.com/fakecoach.html
I found this guide useful when shopping for my girlfriend. I won't say what category she "fits" into though... Universal tip 1: If you are unsure about your body type, choose a purse that lies in the middle of your torso. This size is universally flattering for most women. Universal tip 2: A handbag accentuates any part of the body that it hits. Short women: Choose longer bags. Short and round women: Choose a tall, rectangular tote with long straps, or a long...
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