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You can wear tepphars only if you are a skinny guy i mean slim body thin thighs and calves like an athletic guy.
Ssense has xs size in diesel i order my jackets with them since it is impossible to find this size in europe.
Personnaly have never heard of these cuts
In paris everybody wears skinny jeans... Bootcut foes not exist anylonger
Stiff denim and tight in the thigh area yes thats make the jeans really uncomfortable ! Had a pair that i sold i never worn them. When you have tried blended fabric with elasthan you cannot go back to cotton jeans.
@DC You are so right : i bought them but where could i wear them ? Probably at a rock concert or at the seaside. And in Paris as well, we use to wear cool and casual outfits...
I have received my pair yesterday and will post pics this weekend. The fabric is great. I have pick my usual size
stick to your normal size 28x30 tepphars have elasthan that make the jeans stretch out and if you can wear a 8X2 which denim is very stiff in 28 you wont have any dificulties to wear the tepphar with the same waist size.
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