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Thanks. If i am not mistaken reboots are joggjeans and there are joggjeans which aren't rebooted ?
Hi I have spotted jeans called "reboot" there is a black tepphar that seems interesting. Why are they called "reboot" ? Thanks !
Isn't that funny : diesel models for the summer collection wear shoes when for winter they were barefoot ...
sorry 827t is not thavar but sleenker. have never worn any though. 290 € indeed.
many jeans added online but unfortunately no interesting washes (including the thavar worthing 750 euros !!!) too many light jeans cheap but not interesting. the tepphar 827T ?
but in size 27x30 cultizm only have them; i know that i can send them back but why so much difference depending the place you buy them ???
A new wash, looks like the diesel "acid" wash release (8L9..) two years ago. Your opinion ? http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p4500_Diesel-Tepphar-827J-Stretch-Dirty-Wash-Indigo.html
Belther is not slim enough That's really weird that doesel manufacture darker jeans for summer and lighter for winter... I thought that joggjeans had a string around the waist to knot but these have buttons ?
Cloth tears apart that's it
but i have read that jogg jeans go bad very quickly ?
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