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A light denim with joggjeans characteristics : comfy, light, sweet. I have many washes now and i guess i will only buy that kind of diesel jeans in a near future, they are so easy to wear. Size 26. Moreover compared to classic thavars they are slimmer and shorter. Please note that jeans are darker on fit pics that they are IRL
^^^^^^^^ Looks ugly and cheap too +1 Color is horrible patches are horrible : eyecon ???
the thavar 834A is awful... why are they called blue eyecon with such poor fading, whiskerings and horriblr patches ? I have bought the 608T that's a pair of diesel jeans ! I also have the tepphar 830K and thavar joojeans 607U and I am planning to buy the 609M along with the tepphar 835L very soon.
The problem is that they hzve been hemmed. Their value fall dramatically.
And the thashort size 27 Previous picture : jjeans size 26 tepphar and black thavar 27x30
Thavar 608T tepphar 830K thavar JJeans 604N 607U 830Q Waiting the JJ 609M and the tepphar 835L should arrive soon
congratulation have recei
hi I Have a pair in 27 but they stretch I pick usually 26 but they had not that size. If you can choose take a 26 (I suppose you usually take 27 in thavars)
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