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Received today thank you
read my pms please still wainting for the last pair you have shipped though
Waiting for you to reply my mails... Thanks
Actually in Paris i havent seen people wearing bootcut jeans for a while. They wear regular 501 style, slim or skinny cuts (sleenker style cut for people working in fashion... Mostly youngers). The only people wearing bootcut are women but these are not jeans but fashion pants !!!
Nice Have not seen such shorts in diesel collections lately I have the kroshort but it is plain denim with minor alteration... For a short alike the pic... You buy the tepphar 830K heavy distressed light denim and you cut them off hhe knee !
Shorts in paris 39• yesterday Diesel eyecon are hard to wear in summer i agree as the denim is rather thick
The recent thavar 829B is great with the blue fading dark and light and the black lines Very amazing and soo cool to wear !
You can wear tepphars only if you are a skinny guy i mean slim body thin thighs and calves like an athletic guy.
Ssense has xs size in diesel i order my jackets with them since it is impossible to find this size in europe.
Personnaly have never heard of these cuts
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