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No i did not i ordered online actually i am so busy i have not time to spare for shopping in stores.
Rather stiff fabric but will stretch a little for sure. Quite unusual to find linen in winter garnments though
Thank you. Apologies for the pics poor quality could not do better at night with the cellphone !
I do not agree with some reviews about these jeans . They are true to size and no the waist is not loose. Denim is not thin like tepphar for instance even if it's a blend of linen and cotton (quite original). Fading is very subtle. I am a fan of black and grey jeans. Waist is 27 and inseam 30 ( not specified though although they are not fashion jeans IMO). Very satisfied of my purchase, but were the white spots (like paint spot and brush) necessary ? Not sure.
Hi everybody I spotted this wash online, you can pick the color (red, grey...). Made in italy no inseam choice. A blend of cotton and linen therefore i guess the fabric is light, anyway a curious choice for a pair of the winter collection. Has someone tried them ? Very pricey so i am a bit dubious since faded areas are very contrasting on the thighs. Thank you
Tepphar the best cut ever my favorite cut far before thavar and thanaz.
Hi phukette Did not recall i had posted on these jeans... Too many wash codes... !
Oh sorry but i am back from vacations in three weeks and i did not take them with me. Actually in the cote d'azur weather is very hot 31•C today like the other days so we only need shorts will do later if u still want pics.
You will notice that the longest is the 602 the only with stacking actually. Tepphars are shorter in lenght when compared to thavars or thanazs.
And some tepphars i own from left to right : 807D 820Q 602S 603N 813W All size 27x30 excepted the last blue jeans 26x30. No difference anyway with the stretch factor.
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