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The huge front patch on right thigh is awful and the jeans cost almost 400€ at cultizm. And the guy should have size down at last 2 size. The jeans will stretch like hell since there is 6% elastin. Except the patch looks like the 814m or the yellow tepphar i have.
@locky Marrant que tu defende ebay ? C'est vrai que le bon coin c'est des ploucs dans ton esprit retreci...
Thank you Phukette. And translation tools are easy to use !
Take a dictionnary or use goggle translation, thank you.
@locky je suis français moi aussi et pas la peine de mettre en garde envers un site qui a certe des défauts mais ou la plupart des vendeurs sont honnêtes. je vends moi même mes articles Moncler,Hermès... et d'autres chose avec eux, fini les frais abusifs de ebay, les vendeurs qui ne paient pas et les frais paypal. quand aux prix ils sont largement inférieurs à ebay ! et la proximité est quelque chose de très appréciable, je suis parisien et la plupart desarticles je les...
in France we have a site for trading between customer. it is completely free, everything can be sold, from a toy to a house. it is based on trust between the seller and buyer, and it works pretty well. sellers can accept cash, check or paypal.... garnments sold can be used, but sometimes you find brand new items sold far below ebay prices. and you can ask a bargain by direct contact will the seller. here is an example of jeans sold...
New pic at daylight Diesel belt and vans
No i did not i ordered online actually i am so busy i have not time to spare for shopping in stores.
Rather stiff fabric but will stretch a little for sure. Quite unusual to find linen in winter garnments though
Thank you. Apologies for the pics poor quality could not do better at night with the cellphone !
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