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no for the 8X2 because the denim was very stiff (and jeans very uncomfortable...) yes for the 888P had bought them in 28 had to sell them, thick denimĀ 
Of course they are loose. But it may depends on the pair i suppose. And i noticed that thavars made with thick denim are loose and denim easily stretch despite they are only cotton. See my pic : 609M jjeans 26 36cms flat Below thavar 608T w27 and 38cms flat Below the 829b w27 and 39cmsflat That's the reason why i prefer buy jjeans which are true to size. But my prefered cut is tepphar but they often are not true to size especially when they have a lot of elasthan and when...
@audit30 my usual size is 26 or 27 but not 28 @Mdawood they are completely differents the jogjeans are far more comfortable they are expensive but not made in italy though. The work on the 829B is really amazing but i ride a motorbike are joggjeans and stretch jeans are unbeatable when you use a. Bike...
809M laying flat over the 829. You can see that the difference in waist size is certainly more than 1 size even if you do not have the accurate measurements. I have noticed that thavars made of thick denim are loose in the waist so you can easily size down 1 size (moteover the thick denim even if only made of cotton will stretch.
As requested 809M size 26 and 829B 27x30 side by side 829B denim is thicker and waist is loose, so not true to size (wish i could have bought a W26). darker with black lines.
@weenie Got a pair of 809M mine has no hole i agree with you the hole kills the wash ! See my review and pics Sometimes diesel pics are bad i remember a leather jacket pic on doesel online there was a button missing easily visible with a closer look...
Bought at Giamat shop online. Great deal, and very qhick shipping. That guy is a king.
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