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has someone any information about the thavar 882S, the wash appears as a shiny grey  (like the 8LP ?). thanks
i am a bit disappointed by the new denim collection ; i wear slim jeans, thanazs and thavars, and their lately released distressed washes are too much IMO. (for instance : thavaz 880M). i think that the 8x2 and 74k washes from the former collection are a good example of acceptable extreme distressing. i only regrets that the 881W is only available in tepphar : i do not like carrot jeans, however i bought the PK wash in tepphar only because it's a awesome wash for...
hi sent you  a PM about thavar 880M availability in size 28X30 waiting for reply, thanks
the message was for deqinha.
hi i sent you a PM, i buy you the jeans size 28X30 (thanaz 8QL). let me know asap, thanks
want to buy the thavar 8QL in size 28x30 unfortunately this lenght is never available in parisian stores usually they are online (diesel store) do you know when AW collection will be available online ? (thanazs, thavars and tepphars ?)
when all those jeans be released ? i mean online for european market ?
shirt pics. I am gonna sell it on ebay unless someone here interested... PM... :)
Besides the jeans the package contains a t shirt (online order with diesel Europe).
tepphar worn pics ; size is 28X30. a great pair of jeans for summer, along with the thavar 8X2 and thanaz 74K i own too. from the dirty wash line. the denim is so beautiful, a faded and distressed blue denim very soft and light. I was afraid about the "carrot" cut (my favorite cut is thanaz) but they are not so wide in the thigh though. leg opening is narrow, a little more than for Thanaz, but there's no difficulties to take the pant off anyway. worth the price . i...
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