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a summary of the jeans i bought from june until now, all are size 28x30 :   THANAZ 880F 8QP 8QQ and 882H (should be delivered tomorrow, ordered online) THAVAR 880G 880M and 882G (should be delivered tomorrow, ordered online) TEPPHAR 881W SAFADO 882B   well it's time now to leave for vacation !
agree with Phukette. i hesitated between a 27 and a 28 waist, i usually wear skinnies size 28 but the former safados i had (8e7 and 8le) i had to size down 1, they were quite loose. and his advice was right.
hi pics of 882B posted on the "fall winter 2011" thread by myself and phukette. the jeans are TTS. the denim is rather stiff with creases at the bottom so inseam is shorter.
thanks everybody, I had noticed for the pocket with the seam going downward only.
hi considering to buy a new wash in shioner : 882I that has showed up on diseel store ;, besides altered blue jeans, i love grey or dark jeans and i usually wear them at work. usually I only wear thanazs and thavars (i have two pairs of safados too). could you explain me the difference between the three cuts ? i have read it is only the rise ; what is the rise and which cut has the smallest ? have a great sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@phukette yes pics do not give jeans justice... the denim color is too blue, when denim is a mix of grey and faded blue in real life ; the japanese site (zozo) pics are most accurate.
safado 882b pics. size is 28X30
and i would add that the jeans are slimmer too, still straight but slimmer than usually for that cut. regarding the thanaz 8QQ i share the opinion about the high retail price but the denim quality is really noticeable.
hi Phukette i just have received the safado i will post worn pics soon. really awesome, i eventually choose the 28x30 i do not rgret my decision the fabric is stiff. the inseam is shorter+++ than usually on safados, may be because of the wrinkles at the hem.
thanaz 8QQ is a great wash. the denim is thick and stiff and the yellow contrasting stitches are really nice. there's some faded yellow areas that make the jeans really awesome.
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