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Wow these are a very thorough set of 881w pics ! Asos pics serm very poor and inaccurate compared to the japonise diesel shop !
well i do not want to be responsible of misleading you ;) comparing washes is really difficult. the 881Wwash is darker for instance than the 8NE (Thavar). and my worn pics are close to reality.
yes i am lucky since i guess pairs are shipped at random ! i think sometime orange patches or stains (as in the new THAVAR 880M) are a little too much, but i have a pair of the former collection 8X2 and there orange stains are nicely blended with the denim...
hi here are pics of the new TEPPHAR 881W, size 28X30. I bought them on the diesel online store. they fit like leggings but i suppose they will stretch as they are made of cotton blended with elastan (spandex). the denim is really thin and so sweet, just like if you wear pijamas ! there's not stitches, holes, or alterations. only offwhite and light blue faded areas, nice work. please note that the denim is actually darker (last two pics). !   i take the...
I just have received the TEPPHAR 881W in size 28X30, a really nice wash indeed ! really TTS, 28X30 is my true size and jeans are fitting like leggings but as they are made with elastin i suppose they will stretch a bit. anyway the 8PK was looser in waist and hips to make a comparison. surprinsingly the denim is really thin, but it's the winter collection !
@phukette the Thanaz 8qq wash is actually jet black with slightly faded yellow area below the front pockets and the hip, constrating yellow stitches. Thick denim. Made in italy. Nice pair, but leg tapering is larger than other washes. @tovani i fully agree with you the pk goes loose in the waist when the legs do not change a lot. Then It's not easy to go down a size. BTW the wash is awesome for summer. I wished diesel should have release the same wash in Thanaz or Thavar...
has someone any information about the thavar 882S, the wash appears as a shiny grey  (like the 8LP ?). thanks
i am a bit disappointed by the new denim collection ; i wear slim jeans, thanazs and thavars, and their lately released distressed washes are too much IMO. (for instance : thavaz 880M). i think that the 8x2 and 74k washes from the former collection are a good example of acceptable extreme distressing. i only regrets that the 881W is only available in tepphar : i do not like carrot jeans, however i bought the PK wash in tepphar only because it's a awesome wash for...
hi sent you  a PM about thavar 880M availability in size 28X30 waiting for reply, thanks
the message was for deqinha.
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