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Allright have ordered the 28x30 at once. Will post pics when i receive them.
anybody ? should i pick 27 or 28 ? both sizes still available online in lenght 30, but suppose they wont last long...
hi thanks for the information ; my 8X2 fits perfectly in a 28 waist, as for my 8NE. i usually size down for jeans with elastan (for instance the 8L4). as the tepphar made with cotton i wonder if i would buy the 27 or 28 online, both are available now. i am afraid about the narrow leg opening and wonder if there's a difference between both size.
hi cander 49,   do they run TTS ? my size 28x30 in both thavars (i got the same pairs as you). i am most concerned by the leg opening but i read it does not depend on the waist size.
you should have sized down for all those jeans ! and IMO that's really true for the 8X2 and 74K and the shioners. I have the same pairs and the 8V9 worn loose is not so bad since it's a "cool" denim (and"coal" by the way !). skinny jeans are meant to be worn tight, and not in a baggy way ! it's not that easy... skinny jeans are not meant to fit anybody.
for instance thanaz 8PI and 8V9 are not sold online, i bought the first pair with Dequinho and the second one on ASOS; i was lucky enough to grab a pair size 28X30.  
yes his hips are really too large, and carrot jeans or straight jeans would fit him better. thanaz, thavar are designed for guys really slim and thin. hip must not be larger than the torso, actually.
up for your consideration is a Moncler Thym jacket in black, size 0 (xs) designed for men, from the SS2010 collection. Moncler is reknowed mostly for their winter down jackets but they also produce beautiful summer jackets. you can check their website, and a similar jacket as the one i am selling, "blot jacket" is displayed in the 2011 SS collection. some details are differents anyway. the jacket is slim fit, I am 1.72m tall and my weight is around 64 kg. it...
hi, i listed those jeans a few days ago and they were sold but eventually the buyer declined and they are for sale again. mint condition, they have been worn less than 15 times. items located in france. shipping to USA is 25 USD for one jean, and 35 USD to asia. payment with paypal. no discount. i am registered as fontauroi on ebay if you want to check my feedback.   8L4  waist flat 37,5 cms inseam 79 cms is 120 USD 8B9 waist flat 38 cms inseam 80 cms...
And i would add to dequinho words that someone else warned in another post that you should avoid to buy anything from that guy ! By the way dequinho you looping Well tonite have you ship my jeans ?
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