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Lyocell gives strenght. Elastane gives stretch.
Have bought a pair if tepphar 822I the grey one. A survey of new collection : sad colors... Blue jeans have nothing special in any cuts, colored washes are weird and expensive, new cut sleenker fits like leggings...
Just released online. Love the red "antique" version. Three colors but why the "black "version is actually blue ???
Hi everybody Is there someone from the forum living in Milano, Italy, who could be a proxy for me ? Please pm me ! Thank you.
Hi everybody What's the difference between these two cuts ? I guess in looking pics that's the skeenker has more room in the thighs but is skinnier at the legs ? Thanks
Hi if you interested i have a pair of thavar 811P 27x30 almost new Last summer collection Pm if interested
Moncler down jacket and grenoble ski jackets are among the lightest but warmest winter jackets i have ever worn.
Thavar 811P fontauroi ebay 27x30
For the 814M i picked up a size 26
Size down 1 or 2, even with only cotton jeans ! For instance i have a pair of thavar 814M current collection ; my usual size is 27 but those jeans stretch. No universal rule, must try each pair or read the forum reviews with always good advices about sizing !!!
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