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how does the 8PI fit ? is it TTS (for instance compared to the stiff 8x2 or the denim 8B9? thanks.
I completely agree with you. I also bought the thavar 8X2 which denim was so stiff, but the 74K is even stiffer !!!! I hope the denim will stretch a little... also there are too much white paint spots and they are too big, i am even thinking to color them in blue...
I have a pair of Thavar 27x30 and a pair of Thanaz 28x30 both wash 8b9, worn less tha 5 Times, mint. Each pair 120 USD plus 25 shipping. CAN send pics if you give your mail address.
i would add that for thanazs anytime you have elastane (elastin) you can size down at least 1 size and sometime 2. especially some washes : 8LP, 81E, 8L4, 86C, 8DK for instance... but curiously, my 8SV in 28x30 are TTS...
and for your information, THANAZ 74k is available on deisel online store for europe at 240 euros, and today all sizes are still available, in any lenght.
thanks DEQUINHA ! your jeans (a pair of 74K 28x30) was delivered yesterday at my office. jeans are awesome, even if  IMO there is too much white spots...).
i have a pair of thanaz 28X30 hardly worn. let me know.
hi i have thanaz 8B9 waist size 28 and thavar 8B9 size 27 and they fit alike. i mean the thavar is a little looser than the thanaz in the waist so i had to size down ; the denim is also lighter and fading nicer...
hi can you sell me a pair of THANAZ 74K size 28W X L30 (short); i am a member of denimblog; my mail for pics and invoice via paypal : pryv75@gmail.com thanks again. this wash is sold out ...
i purchased them on diesel online store, i live in France. i bought my "average" regular size as if i was only cotton. i use to wear 28 if non stretch and 27 when stretch material is included. i think you have to buy your regular size.  
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