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and i would add that the jeans are slimmer too, still straight but slimmer than usually for that cut. regarding the thanaz 8QQ i share the opinion about the high retail price but the denim quality is really noticeable.
hi Phukette i just have received the safado i will post worn pics soon. really awesome, i eventually choose the 28x30 i do not rgret my decision the fabric is stiff. the inseam is shorter+++ than usually on safados, may be because of the wrinkles at the hem.
thanaz 8QQ is a great wash. the denim is thick and stiff and the yellow contrasting stitches are really nice. there's some faded yellow areas that make the jeans really awesome.
Mire and more money to buy them, more room to stack them and more Time to wear them i have around 30 pairs, mostly thanazs and thavars, two tepphars and a safado, i havent wear some pairs for a while !
@Baltimore i was mistaken, not 73n but 8ne that was corrected by weenie, thanks.
What do you think of two new washes released online by diesel europe : Thanaz 73n and Thavar 884 S? I mean your advice about the washes ? 73N looks like the 8B2 from last fall, 884 S looks like the 73N wash... too much blue denim washes... too much choice but nothing really new IMO...
Hi What do you think of two new washes released online by diesel europe : Thanaz 73n and Thavar 884 S? Thavar 882 R is also released in the slim/skinny category, the former two are part of The skinny jeans category ? I hardly understand the difference since one Thavar is in the first category - and alone - when the other is in the other category ! Anyway, to many slim bluejeans ! (kill the washes) !
Is the Thavar 884 without patches a dark wash as it appear on jeansfashion at the difference of the diesel store pics ? And what do you think about the Thanaz 73n ? Thanks
All those bluejeans looks alike...Well deqhinha if you CAN put aside a pair of the Thavar turbodenim...28x30 if you remember. BTW what is the turbobenim concept, i mean if you never wash the jeans ? Thanks
Thavar 884S available now online. Whats your opinion ? Looks like the former 8NE wash ?
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