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hi here are pics of the new thavar 888P in size 28X30. it's a really nice wash, faded blue with minor alterations and some ink spots. very subtle light blue. great jeans. thick material (cotton), true to size. i have added a pic of both 888P and 8X2, they are very different actually. moreover the 8X2 is shorter (both are 28X30) but one reason is that the 888P is brand new, not worn, and creases at the lower leg will extend as you use to wear them.
i have got a pair of tepphar 8pk from last summer, the waist was really loose... but nice summer wash, to compare to the new 888L...except that stripes were faded light brown instead of faded blue for the 888. don't know if the 888L will be available online for delivery in france, but i can order them on diesel usa and a friend of mine who lives in Vegas can get them and ship out to my home.
ok it was hard but i eventually ordered a pair of thavar 888P a few hours ago. curiously the wash has vanished now from the online store ! that's really weird. well my order is confirmed, i will post pics when i receive them.
DIesel onlinestore ban any jeans purchase for delivery in france ! Only jeans ! What is happening ???
thanks to denimcollector for the 888oN off white sizeing. my usual waist size is 28, i will pick a 27. anyway it's impossible to order any diesel jeans on diesel.com, if you select "ship to france" no jeans will show up!!! WTF ???? HELP !!!
does anybody know why diesel store online is closed tor french buyers ? you cant order jeans to ship to france today !!! @ phukette have you bought the 888r with cultizm ? cant see the wash online .
thanks phukette yes, actually i have pair of 8X2 bought last spring... one among the best washes diesel has ever produced IMO... but i am a bit disappointed by the new collection... except maybe washes like the thavar 886B i have too... anyway i think that most of the diesel jeans are overpriced... and it's really funny to see that Cultizm (and i am not related to them in any way) have been discounting the 886B and some other washes from the actual collection since a...
at Cultizm they have the thavar 888N, 888J, and 880K but none are really interesting.... the 888p looks better (made in italy, actually). i am considering buying the off white thanaz 888oN for summer parties next summer in Saint Tropez ! to wear with a light leather dolce gabbana jacket !
your opinion about the new thavar 888P wash ?
same question for the THANAZ 882S in brown or green...
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