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got a pair in 28x30 and a pair in 27x30. waist perfect in W27 but very tight at legs -> cut them and transformed in a pair of shorts for this summer in saint-tropez a little looser in the waist W28 but fit in the legs is perfect.
THAVAR 801D new colors added at diesel online store, a pale green and the grey, but only available in size 31 at the moment. due to the crease and stacking effect at the bottom are they corresponding to a 32 or a 30 inseam.
thavar 8880M size 28x30 made in italy never hemmed or altered worn around five times, like new shipped from paris, france, shipping is 30 USD paypal only •••••also selling a 886B thavar same size listed with pics if interested by both jeans i can sell at 220 usd plus shipping••••••
got one pair they stretch 1 size at least have them in 28, 27 would have been better fit in the waist, as usual with diesel, fit is correct in the legs when waist get loose a lot, that's true for almost any washes !
c vrai vu ds marais boutik plus exact aux halles rue st denis 1ère bout sur la dte ki fai multimarque avec destock
je les ai vu soldé à moins de 50 euros dans le marais
consider that nowaday for all new washes in thanaz or thavvar you have to size down. really to understand why, but diesel denim stretches even if the fabric is only cotton.
Diesel fucks with sizes whenyou buy a pair of levis, for instance a size W28, all the levis size 28 will fit you the same way. for Diesel jean it depends of fabric, wash and sometimes for matching pairs fit is different. moreover some pairs in cotton will stretch (i.e. 886B) when other wash wont (74K, 8X2...) lenght can vary according to the wash as well. but the less acceptable IMO is that the waist is almost EVERYTIME too loose even if the jeans fit you...
and about the fit ? ;)))
THAVAR 886B grey jeans from SS2012 collection waist across when lying flat 39.5 cms inseam 78 cms size 28X30 never altered or hemmed, nor washed mint condition, hardly worn shipping is 30 USD from paris paypal these are the second pair i have bought and the only remaining.
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