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at Cultizm they have the thavar 888N, 888J, and 880K but none are really interesting.... the 888p looks better (made in italy, actually). i am considering buying the off white thanaz 888oN for summer parties next summer in Saint Tropez ! to wear with a light leather dolce gabbana jacket !
your opinion about the new thavar 888P wash ?
same question for the THANAZ 882S in brown or green...
hi these jeans are design jeans. since there's no choice in lenght i wonder what is the lenght commonly associated with waist 28. thanks. are they TTsize ?
i have a bunch of black jeans ; some are plain black like the 81E wash, including the adi-thanazs. I also have the 8XE made in italy. i have the two versions of the 8QQ one with the white stitches the other with the yellow. the only problem with these jeans is that the creases in the back of the knee area fade quicky whereas the rest of the denim still remains black, even if the jeans have been worn a few times..
what is your opinion about the new TEPPHAR 886A, dark blue jeans with stains ?
thanks Phukette ! your comments are always very accurate ! they have a lot of distressing, stains and holes, but all is very well balanced... yes, great grey jeans !
my mistake ! yes, it's 886B, actually ! @Raj Hardia my usual size is 28 waist i am afraid 27 would be too tight... and yes, the belt is diesel's, i have many like this one all amde in italy usually i buy them at ssense when they are discounted...
the size is 28X30. a great wash, faded grey with orange stitches. the denim is thick but loose, not stiff (at the difference of the new wash 886K that i have bought as well). black vertical lines are not creases but black drawings their lenghts are a bit exagerated IMO
these jeans are available in olive and black but there"s no inseam to pick but the waist. are they fashion jeans and how long is the inseam when you order a waist size 28 ? (I take 30 usually) BTW what"s your opinion about these jeans ? thanks
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