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+1 with phukette regarding lyocell. In my thread http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191865/thanaz-882h-and-thavar-882g-worn-pics i gave informations about lyocell (being part of the thanaz 882h material). I can confirm that jeans stretch at least one size. The lyocell give the denim some stretch and durability. The stretch factor is much less than elastin, though.
Btw i guess i have bought the last (only ?) pair size 27, the shortest waist size remaining is 28.
Thank you very much Phukette have ordered a pair in 27 at once ! I love grey and dark denim and skinny jeans... Will post pics when i receive them : probably in the same time i come back from summer holidays on the french " cote d'azur" ) Today above 32 C degrees outside and water at 26 Celcius !
Phukette I suppose the thavar 802k is matching the 0 801d in term of lenght since both have no inseam(31 or 32 for a waist 28 ?). The only difference is that there is no dirty stains ? And the 802k is only available in grey ? Thanks
have you seen the 803U IRL and how do they fit ? looks like the 887K ??? not MII but retail price for diesel jeans not MII is soaring !!! usually non MII jeans retail price was below 200 euros. now for some washes it's above : 660Q, 660S... the MII washes eventually are only 20/40 euros more.
worn only a few times made in italy shipping from paris, fees 30 USD check my feedback
thanaz 28X30 made in italy mint condition, worn only a few times, have spent most of the last months in my closet ! shipped from paris, fees amount to 30 USD check my feedback
thanaz 8IW made in italy bought when released but worn only a few times... time to get them out of my closet and sell them ! shipping from Paris, 30 USD check my feedback
sorry the jeans have been sold.
the jeans are very tight in the legs. the waist will match your jeans. if you are easy in 29, i am afraid 28 to be too tight...  
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