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I am selling a pair of thanaz 74k size 28x30 brand new i only tried them Made in italy Shipped from paris Shipping is 30 usd with tracking Also for sale : 888p 8b1 8880L 8SV 8pk all in size 28x30 all in mint condition Make an offer if interested in more than a pair
for sale THANAZ 8SV 28X30 stretch made in italy mint condition, worn less than 10 times, like new (see pics) shipping is 20 USD with tracking shipped from paris check my feedback
I confirm the 801d stretches at least one size like the 888p. The 8x2 has stiffer denim and stretches just a little and is tighter in the thigh.
Therefore if they are a blend of two washes with inseam that's does not explain why there is no inseam specified : as the inseam is always the same for a given waist ( corresponding to a 31' for my pair) people with long legs cannot buy a pair since there's no 32 or 34 !
Actually just to put things like they really are those jeans are a blend of the former 886b for color and distressing and 8880M for the stripe pattern and lightness.
definitively a light grey / brown wash
yes Phukette once again your analysis is very accurate ; they are tight in the legs but there's room enough, the denim has stretched a little since i have worn them. if it was a Tepphar they would be very tight in the legs like legging that's why i do not like this cut :)
After three times worn i confirm true to size
Will buy the 804m this wend !
New diesel jeans direction : grey, brown, sripes, hertingbone pattern End of plain colors Very interesting IMO
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