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?????????? i am over 30 years, no longer in childhood :)  I am 1.72m and 62 kg, rather slim and i pick W26 in joggjeans (and yes they will stretch), and W26 in other thavars, or tepphars (I use to pick 27 in thavars but i have noticed that thavar's waist is looser now). the problem is that in europe size starts at 27, excepted on some sites like Cultizm where they offer 26.
Un vrai abruti ce soulsaver
No diesel today (may be shorts in the evening) i suppose you understand why Hot weather but much windy quite unusual for mid august.
Got both too and i agree with Phuket review. I dont think jjeans get looser if you pick the right size. They stretch +1or 2 size. I have always been upset about denim durability vs regular blue jeans denim though.
I have bought them with cultizm and the tepphar reboot black on sale at diesel (half price, last one in 26)
have bought a pair from him. great seller great wash much appreciated with Giamat deal !!!
Yeah but when waist is too loose it's not easy to wear even with a belt it makes a lot of curls
Denim is darker actually as in pics above. Nice wash but i wonder why it is an eyecon ???? Nothing really special IMO.
And bought from cultizm they do carry the W26.
Received today at my vacation home. Size is 26x30. Dark faded denim a bit rough and thin denim will stretch easily size down.
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